Things I'm Grateful For (Day 9-14)

Uh oh. I can see that I'm starting to write on the project less frequently. Not gonna make any excuses. Nope. So here goes the list.

One senior of mine who's making soooooo much money from his job. He came to visit us his lowly juniors, and he helped cheered us up with his stories. And he helped me with my physics and chem too. Twas great seeing you!

My three classmates, for bringing me to cycle! Just as a background information, I've been staying in this place, where I have an entire East Coast Park as my "backyard" for these two years. Coast, with the sea, yeah. I have jogged along the park, had BBQ, ate at the restaurant, and shot a video there, but I haven't cycled. (Well I had cycled there before, but not when I'm staying at this place). I KNOW HOW DEPRIVED I AM. And last friday, I FINALLY CYCLED! The tyre went flat, and my buttocks hurt after that, but I had fun. Lots of fun. Thank you.

My other classmate who helped me with my online assessment. I was so frustrated, I thought I was gonna cry. But you helped me and I have no idea how to describe my gratitude! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I hope you do well for these exams. I sincerely hope so.

My awesome church. I feel like it's a haven. A safe, quiet, peaceful place where I can just sit and stare into the ceiling, and really talking to God, because I know He's there. It takes me one hour-ish to go there, but I don't care. Who cares about the distance when you get peace and solace after you go there? And the homilies. I have never really paid attention to the sermons before I came there. I'm really thankful for the friars, and all the nice strangers I've met when I went there.

The cell group people, and the food they brought yesterday. These guys are crazily nice (does that even make sense?) and I feel so blessed to have them. Like really.

A reminder to self:
So life is crazy. It's unfair. But why dwell so much in the craziness and unfairness when you have great things to be thankful for? :).