Things I'm Grateful For (Day 6/7/8)

Here goes the list.

A very nice bus driver who stopped for awhile when he heard I've dropped my stuff. He asked whether I was okay, and waited for me to take my stuff and get back to my seat. And he greeted me when I got on and alighted. I think that was the nicest bus driver I've ever met. Ever. Thank you, uncle.

Mum, for reminding me to have the end in mind. She kinda forced me to think about what I want to become in the next five years, and what is my target at the end of this year. And that also makes me think about all the activities I wanna do after this major exam of mine. All the fun, all the freedom. And those thoughts lift up my spirits. Thanks, mum.

My senior, for motivating and encouraging me, and believing that I can do it. Even though you sound like you're teasing me. I know you mean well. Haha.

My teacher, for being so passionate and equally (even more, sometimes) excited about what I'm doing. And for having that faith in me, and telling me that my ideas are workable, however ridiculous they sound sometimes.

My awesome friend who had dinner with me yesterday but forgot to bring her wallet. Thanks for waiting and tolerating my tardiness, and for accompanying me to buy all sorts of funny stuff. I'm so so grateful to have you around.

The good-enough-weather. I really hope I won't need to wear the n95 mask anymore. And I hope SBY really meant it when he said that they're gonna try their best to stop the burning asap. And I hope it rains soon.


Adrianne Walujo said...

Hi gi, you are one of the person whom I'm grateful of. :* muacks. Stay happy as alwayssss