Things I'm Grateful For (Day 4/5)

Well, hello again.

So the pollution standard index in this little island has been increasing berry berry horribly for the past few days. I must say that some of the stuff said by Indonesian officials really disappointed me, and I know that they could do much better than this. I shall not specify whose opinion I'm referring to, or what did the person say, as I know a lot of people should know which one is it I'm talking about. I hope that they would notice that this is a big problem too, and something needs to be done ASAP, as this haze affects people's lives.

Anyways, enough sidetracking. Here goes the third list.

Tante Chen-Chen and Om Ady. God bless them. I'm temporarily "migrating" to  their house at the moment (because of the haze, of course). And they are so so so nice, I really don't know how to put it in words. I am such a burden, an extra mouth to feed and all, especially now that they have a four month old baby. But they still welcome me, and in fact, it was them who invited me to come over. I don't know how I'm gonna do without them :').

This one teacher that I didn't like. I really disliked this teacher. I used to btch about her, and we even had a nickname for her. But yesterday, something happened, and it made me changed my mind. I realized that this teacher is actually a very nice, flexible, helpful and caring person. Well, he/she may be irritating at times, but..... nobody's perfect. And I promise that I will remember this kindness the teacher did to me if he/she irritates me in the future haha.

My friends. I'm thankful to have all of them, but I'll do some special mentions.

One of them helped me bring some stuff I forgot to bring from my house all the way here. All the way here!! The fact that he's willing to spare some space in his luggage makes me feel so grateful.

Another one stayed by my side when I was freaking out, and helped me look for a teacher. It was a simple deed: this guy just sat there and listened to me rambling and calling people, and it wasn't even relevant to him. Thank you.

My couzzzzzzzzin. Just because. I really wish this silly person is here. Sigh.

I guess that's it for now. And I hope my productivity rate increases significantly. And I also wish that the next five months past quickly, painlessly and tearlessly. Can't wait for December to come. Hope eeverything goes fine. Crossing fingers.