Things I'm Grateful For (Day 2/3)

Oh well, today's practically "Day 3", but whatever.

So as everyone can see on the online world, the haze has been horrible. People are whining and wheezing and putting the blame on Indonesia. Little did they know that Indonesia is so huge, that most Indonesians are not aware with what's happening. I wasn't. Until I came here and studied physical geog and experienced the haze myself. And for those who have no idea what am I talking about...... Our friend Google is always there, yknow.

Nuff sidetracking. Here goes the second list.

Did I say something about having Libraries? Oh libraries. I love them. (And yeah I realized how nerdy that sounds. Like I care.) To whoever had the idea to build an entire building filled with books, kudos to you, sir/ma'am. So yeah, there's a library only ten minutes away from where I live, and there's the biggest one in the country (National Library) just within 30 minute bus ride. Those two places are like havens for me. The phrase "stuck under the rain" doesn't mean anything when I'm in the library.

The fact that the haze doesn't affect my family. My grandpa has some lung problems, and I'm pretty sure that my mum and my sister would have some respiratory problems too if the haze goes all the way there. So I'm really glad that they're safe back home. 

Milk Tea. Kaya Toast. Pork Rice. McChicken. Cheap food. Enough said.

Okay I can't really think of anything else right now. Hopefully I can list at least five tomorrow.