Guess what's coming: Christmas!


Yes, I am stoked, thrilled, excited, and can't wait for it!

As many of you might have noticed yourselves, Christmas decorations are everywhere: in Singapore, too, they are everywhere! The entire Orchard Road, in the shopping malls, restaurants and cafes, churches, even the little clinic I went to has a little Christmas tree at one corner! And even Marine Parade Promenade has a Christmas tree, a statue of the three wise men, and blueish Christmas lights along the street! Not to mention, everywhere I go there's Christmas songs being played on the speakers. And last week, when I went to Orchard, there were little girls with bells asking for donation, and wishing everyone a happy christmas.

Yeah, the Christmas spirit is on the air!

Aaaaaaand, the end-of-year Great Singapore Sale is here! I'm going to do some christmas shopping this Saturday and I'm so excited!

But the thing that I look forward the most is being home with my family and friends, of course! After staying here (for too long), I really crave being home and celebrating Christmas with them. And attending the midnight mass with them, singing the carols and all, too!

I really look forward to the warmth and joy awwmygerddddd I can't waaaaait. *okay that was too much, sorry.

Anyways, here are some Christmas-related songs on my playlist!

  1. Jason Mraz - Winter Wonderland
  2. Michael Buble - Grown Up Christmas List
  3. Michael Buble - White Christmas
  4. Michael Buble - Santa Claus is Coming To Town
  5. Chipmunks - Christmas Don't Be Late
  6. Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas is You
  7. John Lennon - Happy Christmas
  8. Josh Kelley - Share This Day
  9. Joseph Vincent - Mistletoe (cover)
  10. Glee - Last Christmas
  11. Coldplay - Christmas Lights (oh well, this song is quite emo at the beginning, but Coldplay is just awesome and I really like the song!)
  12. DEPAPEPE - Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring
  13. Jessica & Ashlee Simpson - The Little Drummer Boy

Ahhh, I really love this time of the year. Gonna look for some Christmas cards soon. Perhaps I'll make some if I have time. I hope I have time. Oh well, have a happy Christmas, everyone! ☺♥