OCTOBER: A Month of Firsts

October's coming to an end in just a few days.

Nope, I'm not gonna talk about Halloween. Sadly, Singapore is not a country that celebrates Halloween. I'd be thrilled if I can get a chance to do "trick or treat", but nay, it's okay. 

So… October. After some consideration, I decided to give this month the title "A month of firsts." In just twenty plus days, I've been doing many "firsts", and let's just say that I'm proud enough to share all those here. Well, here are some of those firsts, without any particular order.

First time visiting 5 JCs in two weeks. My art teachers brought us "jc-hopping", where we got to visit other JC's art exhibition, looking at the seniors' A'levels courseworks and their prep-boards, to learn stuff, and draw some inspirations from those works for our own coursework next year.

So we--my artfriends and I--went all around Singapore from Bishan to Lorong Chuan to Bedok to Bukit Timah, walk around the exhibition spaces, look at the works displayed, and got to know some of the art people from other JCs. Some of them produced really really good and sensitive works; they sound so genuine and excited talking about their works, and I felt really inspired. Oh well, I felt a bit intimidated and stressed at times, seeing all their skills and craftsmanship, but I guess I'm more excited than scared for next year. Let's just hope for the best, shall we.

First time having my own artworks being exhibited. Other than visiting art exhibitions in other JCs, my school also had our own exhibition for the seniors' coursework. My batch were given one room to display our works. So we got to exhibit our own artworks! There were sculptures, illustrations, fake movie posters, sketches, videos, and prints displayed all around the room. We also set up the room ourselves: the lightings, the table and artwork arrangements, etc etc!

Of course, the seniors' courseworks are the limelight of the exhibition, and we'll get our turn next year; but still…. it's so exciting to have your own artworks to be exhibited, and your friends to see them :').

My lino-print: "The Smoke", made some time in March/April this year. Know more about linoleum print here 
My first abstract sculpture ever, made from acrylic sheets+heat gun: "The Evolution of Civilizations"

the illustrations (mine is on the top row, the third one from the left)--made using Adobe Illustrator!
My sketch: Katy Perry!

First time doing a formal written report and having it submitted for a major exam. OH YOU KNOW WHAT I'M REFERRING TO. It's THE Written Report for the most interesting and awesome subject in JC: Project Work, or infamously known as WR. I've done some written reports for various subjects and projects in the previous years, but none of them was as intense as this one. 

This particular report, I must say, had been such a pain in my ass for the past few months. Not only must we write a good report, we must also write it well within a word limit. (If you want to hear more about it, especially YOU, sec 4 students who are very curious about Project Work and how it is a very significant part of your first year in JC, do ask me privately, as I do not wish to discuss this fascinating subject in a great detail here.)

So, after spending all your free times and weekends doing this report, and having sleepless nights retouching and editing, my groupmates and I were overjoyed once we got our report printed and ready for submission. I bet all the JC1s are feeling the same way too ;)

First time venturing all the way to Pioneer MRT, Jurong West and also Punggol Beach. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Pioneer is a station at one end of Singapore, at the west area. And Punggol is at the north east end of Singapore. Of course I didn't go to these two places in one day.

Basically, I went to Punggol beach for some photography senior-mentorship outing, and I went to Jurong west also for some photography-related thing: to cover some sports event organized by Indonesian Students Association (PPISingapura). I shall not go into the details, but I'll just say that I had fun traveling despite the distance and the fatigue I got after the day.
le beach, photo taken by my friend Ruth.

First time volunteering for a running event. Last week, Nike Singapore organized a running event and my friends asked whether I wanted to join volunteering for the race. It sounded quite interesting, so I decided to go. We stayed overnight there, from 12 midnight to 11AM. I must admit that it was quite memorable, as it was my first time staying awake doing nothing, just lying around at Marina Bay area, under the stars.

The event only started at around 7AM, so we had nothing to do until around 5AM. There were some problems we encountered due to the poor organization, and we were quite pissed. But the event was quite fun. We were stationed at a water point, and we had to give cups of water to the runners. It was rather hectic at some point, but overall it was fun and exciting, I had quite a good time. After the event, I was so exhausted due to the lack of sleep, I ended up sleeping all the way from 2PM to 3 in the morning! I myself still couldn't believe I slept that long haha.

The Name Tag for Volunteers! :)

First time going to Holland Village!! Apparently if you're a "hip and cool" (gahul. Red) person living in Singapore, you should have been to Holland Village, or popularly known by my friends as "holland v" at least once. Most of my friends have been there at least once or twice, and when they knew I never got to go there, they were all shocked. So they brought me there.

For all ye who are not as "hip and cool" or simply have no idea about holland v, it's an area where there are loads of restaurants and cafes. The whole stretch of street is full of eating and chilling out places ranging from coffee shops to restaurants to bars. Some of the seats are outdoor, while some are indoor and air-conditioned, and the atmosphere is quite interesting. There are all sorts of food sold, from Sushi to Lebanese food, from German pork knuckles to dim sum!

There's this one small dessert place that sells delicious cupcakes: "Plain Vanilla." The place is quite secluded, but the cupcakes they sell is fantastic. Try their Milk Chocolate Banana or Cookies and Reese's Peanut Butter Cupcake. Just typing them down here makes me drool :9.
Island Creamery @HollandV! ;;).
go check them out!

In short, October is one fulfilling month. I was so tired most of the time, but there are many times I had fun, so the tiredness is kinda worth it, I guess :).