Post Exam Indulgence (PEI)

YESYESYES My promotional examinations (promos, in short) was just over last Tuesday! It felt really really good knowing that you don't have to revise like hell and study during weekends, spend your "leisure" time to do past-year exam questions, stare at your notes instead of good books or newly-released movies, and be stressed over the possibility of retaining and (for me) be on probation.

Actually it's not really a pure ultimate freedom for us sad kids; this cycle will repeat next year for the next major examinations. (I have 3 more to go till I graduate, SIGH.)


Who cares when the next ones are still next year, and you can relax (for a very short time) now! I know I really should not be all slacking, lazing, go out and eat nice food cus I have projects to be done [and my wallet disagrees with me], yet I just can't help indulging myself at least until this weekend after all those stress.

So the first thing my friends and I did after our last paper was going to the cinema and watch TED

It was a good choice, I personally think. Although some of the jokes were rather crude, it was overall random and hilarious. The plot is interesting and unique and I had a good laugh, I even cried once. Oh well, I'm not really sure whether it was because of the touching part or because I laughed so hard that my eyed teared. I would not recommend it to those under 18, though, cuss not only that they use crude words, those underage might not get the jokes anyway--some guys might get it, but maybe not the girls. But really, it's a good movie, a funny one, up till the very end ;).

After that, I made another great decision: not to set any alarm for the next morning. We had no lessons on the next day, so my roommates and I decided to just sleep in and laze around in the morning. Actually it was not "morning" anymore by the time I woke up (Ehm, I woke up at 10. HEHE), but it felt really awesome to wake up naturally, without any irritating ringing sound that forces you to get up from your comfy bed, going against the gravity pull. Yeah, it really was great.

IKEA Tampines:

Then my roommates and I went to have lunch at IKEA. I've been craving for the meatballs and the dessert, and there's this roommate of mine who has never been to IKEA before (I know right, how surprising is that.) So there we went. The meatballs are still good yay. We also ate the chicken wings and Fish 'n Chips. And we bought one box of the Butterscotch Cake and brought it home. The cake was so delicious I can still taste it in my tongue at this very moment. Hmmmmm.

Back home, one of my roommates gave me files of Manga to be read. It's been so long since the last time I read a new manga, as I was always too lazy to browse for a new one without any friends' recommendations. So when she let me copy the files I was very excited. Yeah she's right, this one is interesting and the drawings are nice! The title is "Hana Kimi" and you can go check them out! For those of you who are too lazy to browse around like me, try reading "Kocchi Muite Miiko!" (I LOVE THIS ONE.) "Detective Conan", and mangas by Kohara Yuko and Yagami Chitose (I can't remember the titles, but those that are made by them are good!)

And the list is not exhaustive, yeah. The weekend's coming, and before any guilt pangs hit me, I'd better make use of it! ;) OH OH OH my mum and my sister are coming in about two weeks! I'm so excited and I can't wait for them to come!


Exams are horrible, but the post-exam indulgence (PEI) makes up for it. So for those of you whose exams are coming--especially those who lives in Singapore (cus exams are just plain horrible here)--hang in there! Your time will come too, when everything's over and you can have all the fun you've been craving for :).


dhee said...

waahhh, egi, not fair! I want to watch TED too! but I am not old enough HAHA. and O level is coming soon!