Guess what's coming: Christmas!


Yes, I am stoked, thrilled, excited, and can't wait for it!

As many of you might have noticed yourselves, Christmas decorations are everywhere: in Singapore, too, they are everywhere! The entire Orchard Road, in the shopping malls, restaurants and cafes, churches, even the little clinic I went to has a little Christmas tree at one corner! And even Marine Parade Promenade has a Christmas tree, a statue of the three wise men, and blueish Christmas lights along the street! Not to mention, everywhere I go there's Christmas songs being played on the speakers. And last week, when I went to Orchard, there were little girls with bells asking for donation, and wishing everyone a happy christmas.

Yeah, the Christmas spirit is on the air!

Aaaaaaand, the end-of-year Great Singapore Sale is here! I'm going to do some christmas shopping this Saturday and I'm so excited!

But the thing that I look forward the most is being home with my family and friends, of course! After staying here (for too long), I really crave being home and celebrating Christmas with them. And attending the midnight mass with them, singing the carols and all, too!

I really look forward to the warmth and joy awwmygerddddd I can't waaaaait. *okay that was too much, sorry.

Anyways, here are some Christmas-related songs on my playlist!

  1. Jason Mraz - Winter Wonderland
  2. Michael Buble - Grown Up Christmas List
  3. Michael Buble - White Christmas
  4. Michael Buble - Santa Claus is Coming To Town
  5. Chipmunks - Christmas Don't Be Late
  6. Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas is You
  7. John Lennon - Happy Christmas
  8. Josh Kelley - Share This Day
  9. Joseph Vincent - Mistletoe (cover)
  10. Glee - Last Christmas
  11. Coldplay - Christmas Lights (oh well, this song is quite emo at the beginning, but Coldplay is just awesome and I really like the song!)
  12. DEPAPEPE - Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring
  13. Jessica & Ashlee Simpson - The Little Drummer Boy

Ahhh, I really love this time of the year. Gonna look for some Christmas cards soon. Perhaps I'll make some if I have time. I hope I have time. Oh well, have a happy Christmas, everyone! ☺♥

A letter to an old friend.

Dear friend,

I miss you. I miss the times we had heart-to-heart-talks, made stupid jokes and laughed at ourselves and other people.

I miss those time we just hanged around at school with your guitar and sang songs like some buskers. I miss those times when you introduced me to new songs that you knew I would like. You'd play them with your guitar, and when I wanted you to teach me how to play, you'd say no with that irritating smirk on your face. I would hit you or get annoyed for awhile, but then I would still stay there and listen anyway.

I miss reading your crappy handwriting--no offense, your handwriting is really crappy, you must admit that ;).
I miss teasing you with all those girls and the way you act cool in front of them. And believe it or not, I miss having you tease me with all those stupid nicknames you made.

I miss being your classmate. I miss having you in my group during those projects, even though I would end up scolding you for not doing anything right (I'm a D when I'm stressed, sorry about those times.)

I miss watching you play sports, and even though you kept teasing me for being so clumsy, and I never really cared about your sportiness, you often came to my mind when I watched people playing sports.

I regret not having taken any photos with you. I had loads with other people, but not even one with you. I wished we had taken at least one.

I miss talking at the phone with you. We would talk and talk about all the random things that popped in our minds, and there would be a few silences when we were thinking about the next random thing to be talked about, but those silences are never awkward. Well, maybe they were, but I didn't care back then. I don't think I even knew what "awkward" was, back then.

Now that it's been almost a year since the last time I saw you, and I'm far more familiar with the word "awkward", I really wish I could tell you in your face, that I miss you. I miss having you around, having a friend who has known me for so freaking long, that I can just be who I am.

The word "awkward" is just so stupid. It makes things change. It makes me feel so distant from people. From you. I have these doubts and second thoughts when I wanted to say certain things, because I fear the awkwardness would become even more intense. Or perhaps it's not the word, but it's just me. It's me, being ever so insecure and scared. Funny how as I grew up, I'm becoming more and more insecure and doubtful, scared of this and that. I'd always thought that growing up will make you more confident and carefree.

But who am I kidding, huh. Look at us now. Things are so awkward and urrrrrrrrrgh I have these lumps in my throat, like I have something to say but I just can't get the words out of my mouth. I'm too scared that you'll say something that I don't want to hear, and poof, there goes our friendship.

I know instead of writing it down here, I should've told you directly. But I'm scared. I promise I would talk more about this when we meet. If we ever meet again.

And I use English to say it. Oh my, you must be thinking how snobbish and silly I sound. I'm sorry. But I don't know how to say it, and English seems to be a… good enough way to express it.

If you read this, I hope you'd do something as well. Write back to me? I don't know.

loads of love.

OCTOBER: A Month of Firsts

October's coming to an end in just a few days.

Nope, I'm not gonna talk about Halloween. Sadly, Singapore is not a country that celebrates Halloween. I'd be thrilled if I can get a chance to do "trick or treat", but nay, it's okay. 

So… October. After some consideration, I decided to give this month the title "A month of firsts." In just twenty plus days, I've been doing many "firsts", and let's just say that I'm proud enough to share all those here. Well, here are some of those firsts, without any particular order.

First time visiting 5 JCs in two weeks. My art teachers brought us "jc-hopping", where we got to visit other JC's art exhibition, looking at the seniors' A'levels courseworks and their prep-boards, to learn stuff, and draw some inspirations from those works for our own coursework next year.

So we--my artfriends and I--went all around Singapore from Bishan to Lorong Chuan to Bedok to Bukit Timah, walk around the exhibition spaces, look at the works displayed, and got to know some of the art people from other JCs. Some of them produced really really good and sensitive works; they sound so genuine and excited talking about their works, and I felt really inspired. Oh well, I felt a bit intimidated and stressed at times, seeing all their skills and craftsmanship, but I guess I'm more excited than scared for next year. Let's just hope for the best, shall we.

First time having my own artworks being exhibited. Other than visiting art exhibitions in other JCs, my school also had our own exhibition for the seniors' coursework. My batch were given one room to display our works. So we got to exhibit our own artworks! There were sculptures, illustrations, fake movie posters, sketches, videos, and prints displayed all around the room. We also set up the room ourselves: the lightings, the table and artwork arrangements, etc etc!

Of course, the seniors' courseworks are the limelight of the exhibition, and we'll get our turn next year; but still…. it's so exciting to have your own artworks to be exhibited, and your friends to see them :').

My lino-print: "The Smoke", made some time in March/April this year. Know more about linoleum print here 
My first abstract sculpture ever, made from acrylic sheets+heat gun: "The Evolution of Civilizations"

the illustrations (mine is on the top row, the third one from the left)--made using Adobe Illustrator!
My sketch: Katy Perry!

First time doing a formal written report and having it submitted for a major exam. OH YOU KNOW WHAT I'M REFERRING TO. It's THE Written Report for the most interesting and awesome subject in JC: Project Work, or infamously known as WR. I've done some written reports for various subjects and projects in the previous years, but none of them was as intense as this one. 

This particular report, I must say, had been such a pain in my ass for the past few months. Not only must we write a good report, we must also write it well within a word limit. (If you want to hear more about it, especially YOU, sec 4 students who are very curious about Project Work and how it is a very significant part of your first year in JC, do ask me privately, as I do not wish to discuss this fascinating subject in a great detail here.)

So, after spending all your free times and weekends doing this report, and having sleepless nights retouching and editing, my groupmates and I were overjoyed once we got our report printed and ready for submission. I bet all the JC1s are feeling the same way too ;)

First time venturing all the way to Pioneer MRT, Jurong West and also Punggol Beach. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Pioneer is a station at one end of Singapore, at the west area. And Punggol is at the north east end of Singapore. Of course I didn't go to these two places in one day.

Basically, I went to Punggol beach for some photography senior-mentorship outing, and I went to Jurong west also for some photography-related thing: to cover some sports event organized by Indonesian Students Association (PPISingapura). I shall not go into the details, but I'll just say that I had fun traveling despite the distance and the fatigue I got after the day.
le beach, photo taken by my friend Ruth.

First time volunteering for a running event. Last week, Nike Singapore organized a running event and my friends asked whether I wanted to join volunteering for the race. It sounded quite interesting, so I decided to go. We stayed overnight there, from 12 midnight to 11AM. I must admit that it was quite memorable, as it was my first time staying awake doing nothing, just lying around at Marina Bay area, under the stars.

The event only started at around 7AM, so we had nothing to do until around 5AM. There were some problems we encountered due to the poor organization, and we were quite pissed. But the event was quite fun. We were stationed at a water point, and we had to give cups of water to the runners. It was rather hectic at some point, but overall it was fun and exciting, I had quite a good time. After the event, I was so exhausted due to the lack of sleep, I ended up sleeping all the way from 2PM to 3 in the morning! I myself still couldn't believe I slept that long haha.

The Name Tag for Volunteers! :)

First time going to Holland Village!! Apparently if you're a "hip and cool" (gahul. Red) person living in Singapore, you should have been to Holland Village, or popularly known by my friends as "holland v" at least once. Most of my friends have been there at least once or twice, and when they knew I never got to go there, they were all shocked. So they brought me there.

For all ye who are not as "hip and cool" or simply have no idea about holland v, it's an area where there are loads of restaurants and cafes. The whole stretch of street is full of eating and chilling out places ranging from coffee shops to restaurants to bars. Some of the seats are outdoor, while some are indoor and air-conditioned, and the atmosphere is quite interesting. There are all sorts of food sold, from Sushi to Lebanese food, from German pork knuckles to dim sum!

There's this one small dessert place that sells delicious cupcakes: "Plain Vanilla." The place is quite secluded, but the cupcakes they sell is fantastic. Try their Milk Chocolate Banana or Cookies and Reese's Peanut Butter Cupcake. Just typing them down here makes me drool :9.
Island Creamery @HollandV! ;;).
go check them out!

In short, October is one fulfilling month. I was so tired most of the time, but there are many times I had fun, so the tiredness is kinda worth it, I guess :).

Post Exam Indulgence (PEI)

YESYESYES My promotional examinations (promos, in short) was just over last Tuesday! It felt really really good knowing that you don't have to revise like hell and study during weekends, spend your "leisure" time to do past-year exam questions, stare at your notes instead of good books or newly-released movies, and be stressed over the possibility of retaining and (for me) be on probation.

Actually it's not really a pure ultimate freedom for us sad kids; this cycle will repeat next year for the next major examinations. (I have 3 more to go till I graduate, SIGH.)


Who cares when the next ones are still next year, and you can relax (for a very short time) now! I know I really should not be all slacking, lazing, go out and eat nice food cus I have projects to be done [and my wallet disagrees with me], yet I just can't help indulging myself at least until this weekend after all those stress.

So the first thing my friends and I did after our last paper was going to the cinema and watch TED

It was a good choice, I personally think. Although some of the jokes were rather crude, it was overall random and hilarious. The plot is interesting and unique and I had a good laugh, I even cried once. Oh well, I'm not really sure whether it was because of the touching part or because I laughed so hard that my eyed teared. I would not recommend it to those under 18, though, cuss not only that they use crude words, those underage might not get the jokes anyway--some guys might get it, but maybe not the girls. But really, it's a good movie, a funny one, up till the very end ;).

After that, I made another great decision: not to set any alarm for the next morning. We had no lessons on the next day, so my roommates and I decided to just sleep in and laze around in the morning. Actually it was not "morning" anymore by the time I woke up (Ehm, I woke up at 10. HEHE), but it felt really awesome to wake up naturally, without any irritating ringing sound that forces you to get up from your comfy bed, going against the gravity pull. Yeah, it really was great.

IKEA Tampines:

Then my roommates and I went to have lunch at IKEA. I've been craving for the meatballs and the dessert, and there's this roommate of mine who has never been to IKEA before (I know right, how surprising is that.) So there we went. The meatballs are still good yay. We also ate the chicken wings and Fish 'n Chips. And we bought one box of the Butterscotch Cake and brought it home. The cake was so delicious I can still taste it in my tongue at this very moment. Hmmmmm.

Back home, one of my roommates gave me files of Manga to be read. It's been so long since the last time I read a new manga, as I was always too lazy to browse for a new one without any friends' recommendations. So when she let me copy the files I was very excited. Yeah she's right, this one is interesting and the drawings are nice! The title is "Hana Kimi" and you can go check them out! For those of you who are too lazy to browse around like me, try reading "Kocchi Muite Miiko!" (I LOVE THIS ONE.) "Detective Conan", and mangas by Kohara Yuko and Yagami Chitose (I can't remember the titles, but those that are made by them are good!)

And the list is not exhaustive, yeah. The weekend's coming, and before any guilt pangs hit me, I'd better make use of it! ;) OH OH OH my mum and my sister are coming in about two weeks! I'm so excited and I can't wait for them to come!


Exams are horrible, but the post-exam indulgence (PEI) makes up for it. So for those of you whose exams are coming--especially those who lives in Singapore (cus exams are just plain horrible here)--hang in there! Your time will come too, when everything's over and you can have all the fun you've been craving for :).

Things that keep me sane.

Haven't had no time to write any post. I'm really sorry for that. Exams, assignments, and many other things I can't even remember have been bugging me constantly, that I even have problems to pause and breathe. No exaggeration. Even now, I'm being haunted by what is called THE Promotional Examination (aka Promos), which is coming next Monday. This week is actually end-of-term holiday, but as Promos are just right around the corner, it's no holiday for me. It's revising, mugging, memorising, studying time.

I'm now sitting at a couch in one of the public libraries, typing with freezing fingers and brains. I was summarizing and consolidating notes, but it seems like my brain refuses to work and demands a break. So blogging it is.

However, I'm not going to focus on the horrible things, I shall write about nice things that keep me sane  and bring smiles, if not happiness in the midst of my hectic life.

  • Music. My iPod, that is, plus my earphone. Sometimes I feel so tired talking, and I feel like pulling myself away from the world, but I just don't know where to go. So I just sit down, plug my earphone, and blast music to my ears (if you're reading this, mum/dad, fret not, I'm not really "blasting" music to my ears. I just play them in a medium volume. I'm not interested in turning deaf anytime soon, don't worry.) Some of the music on my playlist would be 
      • Jason Mraz's songs: I Won't Give Up, 93 Million Miles, Frank D Fixer, Everything is Sound, The Woman I love, Living in the Moment, Details in the Fabric, You and I Both, Be Honest, etc etc. His songs have this amrazing effect on me, they really calm me down, and remind me that "In life, it may seem dark, but the absence of the light is a necessary part... I'm not alone, I can always come back home"- 93 Million Miles.
      • DEPAPEPE's songs (they're in japanese, I don't really remember their titles, but my friend has kindly helped me put tens of their nicest songs in my iPod, so yeah.)
      • One Republic - Marchin' On
      • Michael Buble - Lost
      • Carissa Rae - Near or Far
      • Julie Fowlis - Touch the Sky (ost Brave)
      • Jack Johnson - Better Together
      • Ed Sheeran - Lego House
      • The Trees and The Wild's Songs: The Noble Savage, Kata, Our Roots, etc etc
  • Going to St Mary's church. Although the church is so far away from my hostel, that it takes one and a half hour to go there, I just keep going there cus it gives me such peace I don't get from other churches. I think I can just stay there all day long if I have no work to do, or no exams coming, or any other things to do. The church has this atmosphere that gives me peace and calm, and reminds me that everything will be just fine, and I can just surrender everything to God, and He will take care of everything. I know it's true, but going to this church just reaffirms it. And I need such reaffirmation. So yeah.
  • My beloved family. Short conversations with them simply make my day. They have such a big faith on me, that I feel that I am able. And they keep me going, cus I want to show them that I can make them proud, as they have believed in me.
  • My awesome friends, both those back home and here in this island. They're just the best bunch of people ever. They support and motivate me, amuse and entertain and make me laugh, give me all those virtual hugs and encouraging smileys, listening to me ranting and venting my anger or my moodiness, telling me that I have them to rant on, and to lean on.
  • Old messages and letters and post-its and photos. Looking at these photos, re-reading the letters, or even just skimming through them make me laugh to myself, reminding me that my life is not that bad, and I have these precious memories to cherish.
  • Friends (The TV series, HA.), The Big Bang Theory, and Castle. Nuff said. They're great entertainment for me to de-stress.
  • Indonesian Food. Be it snacks, pop mie, abon, ayam penyet, nasi uduk, jus alpukat, indomilk, etc. They just keep me sane.
  • Thinking about the end of the year, when I'm going home. Thinking about the things I'm going to do during the holiday. Thinking about the end of next year, when it's all over and I'm finally out of this "wonderful contract." Thinking about doing things I want to do and I enjoy doing without any pressures.

The list is not exhaustive. I shall add on more stuff on the list. Now I have to go back to work. Hopefully I will stay sane. Hmmmmmmmmm.


You don't like it when your patience is tested. You hate it when it's being tested again and again and again. I'm now losing my patience to the extent that I feel like crying.

But NO. I won't just give up.

I may not be strong, but I have the best buddy in the world I could've asked for. He's been staying with me through thick and thin, comforting and consoling me, convincing me that everything is going to be okay in the end, no matter how complicated or pressurizing things may be.

He's been so loving and caring, even though I often forget about Him or ignore Him. Yeah, He gives me the strength and courage I need to still go on, and stay calm and composed in  facing whatever problems that come my way.

You're the best, J. And You're the reason that I won't give up.

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.

He makes me lie down in green pastures.
He leads me beside still waters.
He restores my soul.
He leads me in paths of righteousness
for his name's sake.
Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil,
for you are with me;
your rod and your staff,
they comfort me.
You prepare a table before me
in the presence of my enemies;
you anoint my head with oil;
my cup overflows.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me
all the days of my life,
and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord

- Psalm 23.


What's the first thing in your mind when you see this? You would probably laugh and think that the quote is wrong! It should have been
"The grass is always greener on the other side"
But I don't think the person who created this was wrong. In fact, this unique quote now has more meaning to me. Think about first impressions. Or perhaps, think about your first time of doing something, or going to some place.

When I meet someone new, I have the bad habit of being rather judgmental. Yeah I know, I could be horrible ._. But I just can't help observing someone new and prejudging their characters and personalities before I even know them. Some of the first impressions I got from them are indeed correct, but mostly are not.

When I first entered junior high school, I saw this guy who's really talkative and rather annoying. He was very loud and bold, and I disliked him at that very moment cus I was so irritated by him. However, as school started and I got into the same class as him, I found out that he was actually an outgoing and friendly person. He was loud, yes, but in a funny way. In the end of the year, we became friends. Now that I know him better, I can see that I was wrong. He is far from annoying! Gosh. When I think back about how silly I was, disliking him before we even talked to each other, I laughed at myself.

A similar case happened when I got the scholarship. In July that year, I didn't go to school anymore, cus school only starts in January next year. So I had about four months of lazing and slacking. But my mother signed me up into a prep course, in which I would be studying maths, physics and english with the other students who also got the same scholarship as me. She thought it would be good for me to prepare myself, as well as to bond with my "future friends."

I was far from excited. I've met some of my fellow scholars, and they seemed so... scholarly. I felt that I wouldn't be able to connect with them, as they were so different with the friends I had at my school. I started to imagine horrible things about how dorky they might be, how awkward it would be to talk to them, etc. I had this prejudice against scholars; that scholars are so geeky and dorky and not fun. I dreaded the thought of going to this prep course for the next three months.

However, it turned out that those people are currrraaaayyyzeeeehh. Well, some of them are quite scholarly, and all of them are such freakin smartypants, but all in all they are far from what I thought they were. They are so friendly and nice. In fact, they made the prep course enjoyable.

And after living together with them for two years, I feel so close to them, even closer than how I feel with my friends back at my junior high school, that we are like a family. Yeah, they are like my siblings now. Singapore would be so dull and unbearable without them. How stupid I was for having that prejudice, eh.

You really can't judge a book by its cover. The cover may deceive you, yet what's inside may entertain you. Similarly, the grass may look dull and boring when you look at it from far behind, but as you walk closer and really open your eyes, you will see that it is far greener on the inside :).

Well, I'm not proud with myself for having this super horrible habit, and now I'm trying very hard to change into a better person. This post would hopefully help to remind me if someday I start to prejudge someone I just met, and yeah, hopefully it would help you too ;).


As most would have known by now, I am currently living in Singapore. A really really small country (well, it really is small, no offense ;p) near Indonesia. Some of my Indonesian friends who wanted to visit Singapore often asked me where to go, what to do, what to eat, etc. Sometimes I have difficulties in remembering what are the places and the activities, so I've decided to list them down here. I'm not saying that I'm an expert in all about Singapore, but I'd like to recommend a few places where you can eat nice and delicious food, ranging from swedish, chinese, japanese to italian. So, here are the top ten places for your culinary trip! Enjoy! :)

1. Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice
You can't say you've been to Singapore if you haven't tasted the local cuisine. And one of the palatable cuisines is Chicken Rice. Many places serve this dish, but this place offers you not only perfectly spiced Chicken rice, but also the "chinese" ambience. And the prices are not high, too! Order your chicken rice ;).

275 Thomson Road
#01-05 Novena Ville
(Novena MRT) 
Wee Nam Kee, front view.

2. IKEA!
Well, I know what you guys are thinking about. IKEA is a furniture store, and I am crazy. But, no! IKEA has a food court, and they serve swedish food. They taste soooo nice that sometimes my friends and I went there just to have lunch, without actually buying any couches or desks or anything. One of the most popular dish is the Swedish Meatball. You can buy any other food, but this one is a must-try. They serve the meatballs with raspberry sauce on the edge of the plate, but if you prefer it without the raspberry sauce, it still tastes great. And they have a delicious dessert, too. My recommendation would be Daim Cake. It is a slice of chocolate cake with some crispies and caramel. Good gracious, only writing about it makes me drool :9.

317 Alexandra Road
(Queenstown MRT)


60 Tampines North Drive 2
(Tampines MRT)
Swedish Meatball, with baked potatoes! And that red thingy is the Raspberry Sauce!
DAIM CAKE! Yum yum.

3. Peperoni Pizzeria;
Love Italian food? Well, this is one unique place you should go. You may need to do some reservation, but it's quite worth it. This pizzeria serves not just any other pizzas, it serves GIANT pizzas.The largest pizzas they serve measure about 21 inches. And you can order up to four toppings for one 21-inch pizza. The size is so big, it's great to share with four to six of your family or your friends.

6 Greenwood Avenue (near National JC)
Singapore 289195
Tel: 6465 6556
That was my friends and me, with our 21 inch pizza, half cheese half mushroom topping!

You can't decide what to eat? Or you would like to just have some snacks? You can go to ION food hall, then. There are a wide variety of food from japanese curry (Go, Go Curry!), korean street snacks (Dong Dae Mun), super tasty spicy wings (4FINGERS Bonchon Crispy Chicken; this is my favourite!), japanese snacks ranging from chickens to unagis on stick (TORI-Q), singapore's very own Old Chang Kee, tasty milkshake and ice cream (Once Upon A milkshake), yummy takoyaki and okonomiyaki (GINDACO), delicious eggtarts with many flavours (Fancy Delight), melting-in-your-mouth chocolate cake (AWFULLY chocolate) and the list goes on! All these, you can find in ION food hall, yumm.

@ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn, Basement 4.
(Orchard MRT)
4Fingers Crispy Chicken!

Fancy Delight's eggtarts :9
Gindaco Takoyaki!

 5. Aston's Specialties
Well, this may not be the best place to have a luxurious steak dish, but this one is pocket friendly! And I would not really recommend the tenderloin steak, (cus I tried it and it was just okay) but I'd like to recommend the chicken steaks! They have various sauces, from Lemon Lime, Teriyaki to Black Pepper! Well, I personally like the Black Pepper Chicken Steak, but my friends say the others are good, too! Oh, and the Pork Chops is nice as well. If you're feeling more than just peckish, you can try the Double Up Chicken, which comprises of two chickens with two different sauces of your choice! And each meal goes with two side dish of your choice, too. Mashed potato, French fries, Coleslaw, Pasta salad, and many more! The Grillworks Chicken and the Pork Chops do not cost more than SGD 11.00! (Well, more if you order drinks, of course!) One warning though, be prepared to queue up! If you don't like standing in line, I'd advice you to come slightly before lunchtime or dinnertime, cus then people are starting to come! :).

Some of the locations:
other locations can be found at
Chicken Steak with Mashed Potato and Onion Ring!

6. Newton Food Centre @Newton Circus
No, you're not going to watch jugglers or clowns or lions with fire rings! This place is a hawker centre, with a vast variety of food! Singapore has a lot of hawker centre, but this one is special because of the ambiance. That's why, the best time to stop by is dinnertime. When you arrive, there might be some stallholders persuading you to buy their food. But you don't need to follow them. Just walk around and choose yourself! What I recommend is the Oyster Omelet and the barbequed Stingray with chilli sauce. Yum, yum. These dishes cost about SGD 10 per plate, so if you're budgeting, I suggest that you order some to share, as the portions are quite enough for about 4-5 persons. Just look at what my friends and I did from our photo below! :)

Newton Circus
500 Clemenceau Avenue North
(Newton MRT)

Me and My friends! look at our food ;;)

1) Newton Food Centre, overall view 2) The Sambal Stingray 3) The Oyster Omelet

7 & 8. Island Creamery and Udders.
Dessert time! No one could ever disagree that ice cream is the most classic and delicious dessert ever. Well, these two places: Island Creamery, and Udders, are the best place where you can get your homemade ice cream fresh and nice. They are different places with different owners, I tell you. But both are equally yum yum so I just can't miss any of the two.

You want chocolate ice cream? Island creamery has ReversO, one of their specialty. You're loving Mars Bars and Snickers and want some in your ice cream? Udders have Snickers Mars Honeycomb Vanilla! Both have just too many flavours ranging from Milo, classic vanilla, berries, Teh Tarik (Island Creamery), liqueur based flavours (Udders) to banana, it may take you quite a while to decide which one you want.

Let's talk about these two places separately, though. On your very first step entering the Island Creamery, you'll be amazed by the photos on the walls. Yes, they provide a photo-printing machine, and you can take a picture of you and your friends or family, print it right away and leave it to be put on the walls! Cool, huh!

And in Udders, you and your friends can book for an Ice Cream Workshop! You can learn how to make those tasty ice cream yourself, and the course includes ice cream buffet! All-you-can-eat! For more details, refer to

Some of the locations:

155 Thomson Road (Novena MRT)
Singapore 307608
Tel/Fax: 62546629
(more locations:

10 Jalan Serene
#01-03 Serene Centre
(Botanic Garden MRT)

1) Udders, front view (Look at those articles! Udders is pretty famous, huh!); 2) Ice cream with waffles!

1) Island Creamery, front view (Can you see the photos on the wall?) 2) A slice of Mud Pie
9. Everything With Fries
Another dessert worth trying can be found in this place. Are you familiar with Nutella, the bread spread? If you are a fan of Nutella, this dessert is definitely for you. In this place, they sell NUTELLA TART and NUTELLA MILKSHAKE! Well, this may sound irrelevant to the name of the place, but they do sell dishes with French Fries, but what I truly recommend is their desserts. Other than the awesome nutella based dessert, they also have the Hot Banana Butterscotch Pudding which tastes sooo good.
Some of the locations:

Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road #01-24/2
(Somerset MRT)

Bugis Junction
200 Victoria Street #04-05
(Bugis MRT)

THE nutella tart!
Hot Banana Butterscotch Pudding ;)

10. KOI Bubble Tea
Being near the equator, Singapore can be extremely humid at times. What would be the better way to refresh yourself than having a bubble tea! ;) There are many other stalls selling this popular drink, but KOI is one of the best. What I would recommend is the Vanilla Milk Tea (which my friends and I crave. YES, the appropriate term is 'crave', not 'like'.) or Green Tea Macchiato for those who don't really like the pearls, or maybe Ovaltine for the huge fans of chocolate! The prices are about SGD 2 to 5, depending on your choice of drinks and the size. Warning: The queue may be long during weekends (especially on the days when temperatures are high, of course).

Some of the locations:

Toa Payoh Central
190 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh
(Toa Payoh MRT)

201 Victoria Street
(Bugis MRT)

more locations:

1) one of KOI stalls, 2) YEP that's THE bubble tea!

Well, that is all for now. Oh, and these places are in no specific order, just for listing purposes, no rankings. I hope that my post is useful for those who would like to visit Singapore and have some fun with the local food! Cheers :).