THE toughest week of my life.

THAT sweet feeling when you just got through the toughest week of your life.

The week when you had to constantly study for this super major exams.
Your future's hanging onto it. You had such a huge pressure put on your shoulders to perform very well. You really need to prove to everyone that you are capable and able. You want to make your parents proud. You do not want to regret anything. You want to do your best. Everyone wants you to do your best.

You couldn't bear wasting just a minute to daydream. You rushed everywhere. Right after your meals, you walked briskly to your room to continue revising. You slept at midnight, cus you still needed to study, but you had to be fresh during your exams. You felt guilty when you wanted to take a nap, so you had a twenty-minute power nap everyday. That was the only amount of time you could afford. You kept away your laptop. You ignore the temptations to watch the episodes of the series you always like to watch. You turned your phone vibrating mode off. You did not touch your novels, even though they were pleading you to read them. At times, you felt frustrated cus all the facts and topics were mixed together, and you just could not distinguish them and keep them separated from each other. You were scared that you would forget them. You watched where you walked, afraid of stumbling and thus losing all your memories. You knew that it sounded so silly, as you were fully aware that you would not get such an acute brain injury just because you stumbled, but you would not take risk. You thought you would not be able to make it. You thought that you would just give up. You felt that life was unfair, as you had more paper to take compared with some of your friends, who had less subjects than you. You were stressed. Your hair was falling. You bit your nails, and they were in such a terrible state. You had minor headaches, and your sleeps were restless. You prayed harder than ever.


YOU SURVIVED THROUGH THAT WEEK. The paper you had weren't all easy, but at least you were not panicking, and you've gotten through them with no regrets. You knew that you still have five more days. Your fight is not done yet. But you got more optimistic, cus you've been through the worst. You had never thought you would be so scared and frustrated and pressurised about this exams, but you had never thought either, that you would have such a wonderful, amazing, unbelievably remarkable feeling in your heart after you got through that week. Your prayers were answered. God walked with you through that week, and He stayed with you in every day, hour, minute and second of that week. Your parents helped you too. They texted you with motivational advice and prayers, they called you and asked you whether you were doing fine. They convinced you that you're gonna be fine. And you are! Your batch mates walked with you through it all. They were your loyal companions during that week. They faced the very same challenges. They were with you in the studies and revisions, the prayers, the walks to the exam hall, the hours of doing the paper. They kept you going. You knew that you would not be able to survive on your own. You have these people. They pushed you, and walked with you. You are blessed to have them.

When you move on with your life, just keep in your mind that you have been through such a tough time. Just remember that you can survive anything with God. Rely on Him, and He'll help you through anything. Really anything.


GOSH I FEEL SO GOOOOOOOOD. I know I still have six paper next week, but good gracious I feel so AWESOME.


rachel ds said...

semangat egi! \(^^)/