Things hadn't been going that well.

My preliminary exams are coming, and I must admit that I'm scared.

You may laugh at this statement. Ha, ha, what a geek, scared of exams. Yes, if I were my old self when I was studying back in Indonesia, I would laugh at myself too. Me, scared of exams? Ridiculous. I didn't care that much about exams. I never did, in fact. Okay, they were as important as this one, but however worried I was, I had never been to the stage where I'm scared of exams. Not that I'm being cocky or anything, but that was the truth.

 Yet now? I need to work freakin hard to get B for my humanities, and not to mention, my two languages - English and Malay (Oh you may laugh at this one, too. Malay's not easy, okay. The fact that it's similar with Bahasa Indonesia doesn't help much. And it's "higher" Malay, by the way.). And the three sciences. When exams are coming, it seems like my science textbooks are becoming ten times thicker than they really are. Revising is never ending. And what is worst, even maths make me worried.

Everyone tells me not to overwork. I won't. Not to overstress myself. I'll try not to. To chill. I'm trying. To study hard, but pray harder. I'm doing it. To have enough rest. I'm having more sleep than some of my friends. To believe in myself. It's hard, but I'll build my confidence, yes.

God, help me :/.