I can still recall, our last summer. Ah, that song brings memories. Nope, I'm not talking about love and those unyu unyu things. I'm talking about my summer vacation last june 2011. HEEEE. I went to Thailand with my family. Spent four nights there - one in Bangkok, and three in Phuket. Was hoping to meet my two thai friends, but unfortunately didn't. Well it was a well-spent holiday, though! I shopped, I went around and had fun, aaaaaand of course, I took pictures!

The city view from the hotel in bangkok. the hotel was freakin tall. this was taken from the 70ish floor, by the way.

Too bad, I only spent one night in bangkok. anyway, we went to the golden palace, the place of the emerald Buddha. we can't take pics of the Buddha, tho.

 From top to bottom:
1) you know what.
2) the intricate pattern of one of the walls there.
3) it's my sister holding a lotus which hasn't bloomed. they use it to bless one's head with holy water.
4) one of the temples.
5) purple lotus with some bees on it.
6) pink lotus. Lotus is considered holy there. it symbolises some gods or goddesses, I forgot about the details.

Flew to Phuket right after the tour to the golden palace. The plane was huge. reallllll huge. Been flying in med-sized planes like air-asia and valuair, I felt like a child flying for the first time! HEHEHE ;).

Top: the plane. huge, isn't it?
Bottom: just me, with my hoodie rolled up on my head. Just like what I said, I was as happy as a child flying for the first time, eh.

PHUKET! I feel like I were in Bali. Both are equally awesome! :).

From top to bottom:
1) the viking cave
2) carving the sand in the beach, phi phi island. LIFE'S GOOD. fyi, I just puked after being seasick on the boat. the waves were awful, dude.
3) my sister, nadine, and I.
4) this one was taken at patong beach. created by my cousin (the bikini girl) and me (the guy). I still laughed everytime I saw them. HAHAHA.
5) overly bright me, taken by my dad. The pict's supposed to portray me throwing water to the sky, but due to the wrong setting of shutter speed and aperture, it looks like I was looking up to the heaven, hahahahahahas.
6) the lone island, taken from karon viewpoint.

However, Phuket is not all about beaches. It has other tourist attractions, too! I went to the big Buddha, Fantasea, some ladyboy show, and shopped around in the local shops. OOH, and we had a very funny and gahoel tourguide! His english is so funny, yet he still speaks confidently. we liked him very much, HEHE. he pronounced "excuse me" "EKYUMI." and he looked like someone from the Indonesian band Naif! and he listens to all the trendy songs, which was aired on the car radio during our entire journey with him. In short, HE ROCKED THE CAR.

From top to bottom:
1) the big Buddha. it was really big, okay. for real.
2) one of the ushers in the huge buffet restaurant at Phuket Fantasea. I like thais! they're so friendly  and nice:).
3) the ladyboys who performed at the cabaret I watched.
4) (left) I took pict with one of the performer in the Cabaret. if you look carefully, he dressed as a half-guy and half-girl! I personally think that he was the coolest of all the performers! cus he was the only one dressing that way! :)
(right) my sister took picture with another performer. (s)he looks nice, too, hm.

Well, that's all for now. I might post more pictures someday, heheeeeh. Sorry if it's very late. Been busy all this time. Life during the holiday was so fun and relaxed. I can't wait for another long holiday in november! But I'll need to fight for the exams first. Sigh. Wish me luckkkkkk! :).

Goodnight! X.