Hullo. Well, this blog should change its name, I guess. The journal's been dead for quite awhile. But WHOA chill people, I'm still alive. FULLY ALIVE, even. Yes, my life's good at the moment. I'm now having a two-week time at home, a place I've been craving for months. I just had a trip to Thailand last week, and I had fun.

I know what you guys are thinking. If I had fun and I'm now at home (which I said was the place I was craving to be at for months), why is this post entitled "SUCKS", then?

Lemme explain. I've been spending these two days with the most awesome bunch of people on earth; first day making cookies with three of my besties and the second day couch-potato-ing with the other three, it suddenly pops out in my mind, how I am…

Gonna miss them sooooo muchos for the next five friggin months.

oui, mon ami. FIVE. months. I'm not going home till november. that horrible, dreadful, nightmare-ish, disgusting fact makes me realise that I am gonna miss them, and

The epic fayl caramel popcorn,
the "percakapan berkualitas" (high-quality conversation. red) in the car,
the photobooth and self-timer sessions,
the cookie making,
the gossipsharings for the sake of catchingups,
the silly jokes and abnormally loud laughs,
the dvd-marathons aka “couch potato”,
hanging out for movies,

Damn you singapore for taking me away from them. Damn you, for making me unable to attend their schweet seventeen parties. Damn you, for stealing bits and bits of my time which is supposed to be spent with them.

I never regret going to singapore, but this sucks. It just sucks. I know I have another bunch of great friends there -oh yes I am aware of how truly blessed I am, having bunches and bunches of people who care about me, and they are like my second family, they make my life there far less miserable :).

BUT I WANT TO BE WITH THIS BUNCH OF AWESOME FRIENDS, TOO. dammit I know I’m being immature and childish. Yes I know I can’t get everything that I want, but this sucks. Totally. Arfgh.