So close, yet so far.

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The picture above kind of says what's on my mind. No, no, I'm not talking about soapy love-y thingy. I'm talking about one of my favourite musician, David Choi.

 yes, that's him. David Choi. (photo courtesy of

He is a very talented singer, whose fame kind of originated from youtube (just like justin bieber) from youtube. (Well, unfortunately he did not get as much attention as bieber gets, despite being a hundred times better than bieber. I wonder what has happened to the world, eh.) If you don't believe me, do check his youtube!

Anyway, he's currently on tour to south east Asian countries, and two on the list of the countries are Indonesia and Singapore, the two countries in my life. One being my home, another a place for my study. YES I'M DYING TO GO TO HIS CONCERT. As soon as I know that he's coming, I surfed the net and checked for the dates.

FYI, I have booked my ticket home for my june holidays. I went home on the 10th of June, and am gonna be back to singapore on saturday the 25th of june.

I browsed to sistic, to check the singapore concert date. It's on the 21st and 22nd of June, in the Esplanade.
Well, I would be home at that time, so nope, can't do. Then I googled the date for his concert in Indonesia. My friend, Rachel Dewi, helped me and told me that his concert is on the 28th and 19th of June, in the Hardrock cafe.

My heart sank. This is soooo unfair. He is coming to the two countries where I live in, and yet I can't go to his concert because... because I am not in both countries when he's having his concert there. FML, dude. He is so-very-very-very close, yet still out of reach. dammmmmmmmmmmmittt. I nearly cried when I saw the two impossible dates.

Even worse, my friends are watching his concert. My heart sank deeper when I know that on the 28th, the concert in hardrock is especially set up for under-eighteens, and it's a non-alcoholic concert. Parents are definitely going to allow us to come! my friends happily said to each other. Yeah, right. I could only smiled painfully when reading their comments on facebook.

And then I saw a tweet from one of my friend whose cousin lives in singapore, stating that her cousin had gotten the pass to David Choi's meet and greet. I may be a masochist, cus I searched for the cousin's twitter account when I read a retweet from my friend to her cousin's tweet - "Three hugs from David <3 aahhh", and got my eyes stuck on the cousin's display picture, which shows her and David Choi. SHYTE. I quickly close the window. But the eyes have seen, and it's just too late. I know I shouldn't have searched the cousin's account. I know I would see something that's gonna make me feel mega jealously envious to her. but....

I am a sickly masochist, yes ._.

Well. Life is unfair. I should have gotten used to it, yeah, but this is just.......... unacceptable. Is life being as unfair as this to any of you, too? Or is it just me? Gaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh :(.

OH WAIT. or maybe, life is not THAT unfair. On the 21st, I got to spend time at my bestfriend's house. That was absobloodylutely great. We watched dvds, conversed and gossiped, laughed and talked, and we made sweet popcorns! Okay. I take back my statement. life may be unfair, but it's not THAT unfair :).

BUTTTTT, I still want to go to his concert :/. I hope that David would come again next year to either singapore or indonesia. Or any of my other favourite musicians such as Jason Mraz, Michael Buble, Kris Allen, The Script, Sara Bareilles, Kina Grannis, etc etc. (yeah I know some of them had come before, but I had not had the chance to go to their concert. pity me, I'm sucha blitz.)

Okay, I'll stop babbling, it's half past midnight here.