One. I. Am. Exhausted. Worn out. Mentally and physically tired.
Two. I am extreeeeeemely happy for winning the first aid competition. First runner up is awesum enough! And THANK YOU FOR THOSE WHO HAD COME TO VOTE AND SUPPORT US: my batchmates, my seniors, everyone! We could win this thanks to you:):).
Three. Despite the super horrible deputy director, I AM SO PROUD TO BE A CJC HOSTELLITE. CJC is simply the best hostel ever. Again, I must emphasize, despite the presence of that horrible creature.
Four. I hate this holiday. This march holiday is simply the worst holiday I've ever experienced in my whole life.
Five. I wish I could recover really soon. As soon as possible. If possible, now. This very second. *COUGH* *SNIFF*
Six. I don't know why, my mood swings has been very acute these days. Perhaps because od the weather? Or the holiday? Or my period? Idk.
Seven. I can't get the song "She Was Mine" outta my head! Whoever you are, AJ Rafael and Jesse Berrera, YOU GUYS NAILED THIS SONG. The song's sooooo frikin schweet and pleasant to be listened to. And thanks to my two friends for introducing this song! Hihihi.
Eight. I MISS MY SENIORS :(:(:(. Met some of them today at the competition, talked to them, took pictures with them. Aaaaaa I miss them so much. Life in hostel without them is so different. And I just listened to the cute little music box they gave me on my birthday. I miss them even moreeeeee. Argh. Why can't they just stay in CJ till they finish JC!
Nine. I want to go back. Home. :(.
Ten. I wish time could fly even faster, to december. However, I don't want o'level to come that fast.
Let's make it eleven. I'm becoming more and more unstable. Ah, teenage years.
Thirteen. Holiday's ending soon and my homework still piled up like a mountain. FML.
Fourteen. I want to go photo-hunting. Cus I feel like I'm losing all my passion. I need help. Like srsly. Immediately.
Fifteen. Tumblr's awesome. Check out mine! http://reginaekaputri.tumblr.com :)
Sixteen. I know it's kinda late, but I'm addicted to smurfffffffff. They're blue and cute!
Seventeen. 4 fingers is finger-licking gooooohd. Unfortunately, it's junk food :/.
Eighteen. I need to talk to someone. Not someone from the girls in my hostel though, I met them everyday and I need someone else. Well, I've talked to davina yesterday, and it felt good :). I need another phone callllllllllllll. Tell me when you're available okay. Anyone. Please.
Nineteen. Midyear exams are coming soon and I'm so not ready. Gosh I'm so stressed.
Twenty. How are youuuuuu, dear readers. Do share with me your random thoughts about MY random thoughts, will you! :).