1 Year of Gratitude (in 90 seconds)


Hey! As some of you guys know, I am a huge fan of Jason Mraz. He's one amazing singer. And yeah, I'm listening to one of his songs as I am writing this post now! So I read this note of his in facebook, which is about the things he's grateful for in 10 years, which he listed down in 90 seconds. You can read it here. Inspired by this note, I make this post!

But it's not exactly the same, cus I'm not that old. I mean... 10 years of gratitude? 10 years ago I was this naive little girl who doesn't even know where Singapore is located, and who thinks that the only cool job in the world is doctor and astronaut. And now? I am living in that frikin place. So I decided to shorten the period of my gratitude to... ONE YEAR.

2010 was awesome. Awesomely tough. And I awesomely survived. Well, with scratches and bruises in some places, but still in one piece. And I won't be able to do it without the help of these things. Few minutes ago, I set my countdown timer application in my phone to 1 minutes 30 seconds, and type these things I'm grateful for in notepad.

So here are what I'm grateful for:

  • scholars!
  • junior highschool buddies
  • parents!
  • sisssssss
  • cousins and aunties and uncles
  • grandma's lomie and ayam garing
  • Om ady & Tante chen chen!
  • Christmas
  • Sekolah minggu
  • ROSES!
  • seniors!
  • XINHUI my partner!
  • schoolmates
  • Holidays
  • Skype
  • MSN
  • internet!
  • MOE for monthly salaries
  • Mum for sending reflection everyday
  • Laptop
  • Ipod
MY BELOVED 9Bs :). The best friends you could ever ask.
Some of the others are not in the pict, unfortunately.

ROSES! even though not all of them are in the photos. They're indeed a family :)

 The person on the left, yeah that's my partner, XINHUI!
 They're some of my indonesian classmates! Awesome people to talk to :).

 Those are my girls. We were celebrating our six monthsary! I've never thought that having sisters who are at same age with you would be this fun :).

This pict was taken wayyyyy in 2009. We may change physically, but we're still together! :).

Those are some of my fellow scholars. I remember two years ago I was worried about them being too geeky that I couldn't get along well with them. Thinking about that now, I would roll on the floor laughing about my idiocy. They're fun to be with, fun to talk to. And now they're like my second family in this hellish place! :).

Talking about having second family, I can't forget my first and most amazing family in the world. My very own parents and sisters, of course. They're awesome. Yes, now you get it where I got my awesome-ness, huh. ;);).

All those people. They create smile on my face, sometimes even when tears were on the very edge of my eyes, ready to flow down. Thanks for an awesome year of 2010 :).

Actually there are loads more that I am very grateful for, but 90 seconds is short, huh. Maybe I'll give myself another 90 seconds for another post someday!

And why don't you guys try for your very own list! Give yourself 90 seconds!