Okay, today's recipient of the letter is kinda... unusual, huh. I was expecting something else. But phew, here it is.

Hi there, dreams.

I have a few questions. Why can't I choose which one I want to see tonight? Or the next night? And the next next night?

And why some of you made me want to stay in bed all day, while others made me want to get up as soon as it flashed through my mind?

Lastly, why must you be unreal? I want you to beat that guy called reality. He's mean. I don't like him. He bites, he stabs me not from the back, but right on my chest. He punches me on my face, sometimes. That hurts.

And this place called dreamland. Your city, huh? I want to be there. Can you send me a ticket to go there?

Looking forward to hearing your answers. And the ticket.

Cheers, egi.