Dear sisssses,

Erm. This is super awkward.

Firstly, about the fights and arguments we had. I'm sorry. I'm selfish sometimes. i'm just easily annoyed. sorry about that, kay. It's just hard being the oldest. sigh. but i'm doing my best, huh.

Anyways. This year was different. huge difference. I'm far far away in singapore, and you're back home. I was afraid that it would change everything, that we won't be as close as we were, and all that. But hey, my fear was stupid and mythical! We're still close as ever!

Here's something I'd like to say to you.

* Good luck in reaching your dreams, you can do it. Even if you fail, keep on fighting, cus it's not the end of the world, trust me. And be nice, your teachers were mine, too. Hahahahahas ;).

** And for you, little one, enjoy your life. Childhood was the awesome-st time ever. Have fun!

Yeah, it's the three of us against the world :).

I'm not saying this often, and you two know that. Emmm. I love you!



nadinee said...

Love you too deh ui huahua sorry for being annoying!