Hello there, stranger!

Wow, finally we talk to each other, huh. The urge to poke your shoulder and say hi is rily tempting! But hey, I have manners. So here I am, talking to you! Yes, you! Any stranger doing blogwalking, perhaps. Or you, anyone I met on the street or at the mall today. Or you, who sat in front of me in the church, or maybe behind me. Errrr or YOU! A schoolmate I always bump into when walking during recess but never talk! Or maybe you, someone getting on the same MRT or bus as I do!

I'd like to say, MERRY CHRISTMAS! Maybe we'll meet again Till then, have a nice life! :)

 Lotsa love, egi.



Okay, today's recipient of the letter is kinda... unusual, huh. I was expecting something else. But phew, here it is.

Hi there, dreams.

I have a few questions. Why can't I choose which one I want to see tonight? Or the next night? And the next next night?

And why some of you made me want to stay in bed all day, while others made me want to get up as soon as it flashed through my mind?

Lastly, why must you be unreal? I want you to beat that guy called reality. He's mean. I don't like him. He bites, he stabs me not from the back, but right on my chest. He punches me on my face, sometimes. That hurts.

And this place called dreamland. Your city, huh? I want to be there. Can you send me a ticket to go there?

Looking forward to hearing your answers. And the ticket.

Cheers, egi.



Dear sisssses,

Erm. This is super awkward.

Firstly, about the fights and arguments we had. I'm sorry. I'm selfish sometimes. i'm just easily annoyed. sorry about that, kay. It's just hard being the oldest. sigh. but i'm doing my best, huh.

Anyways. This year was different. huge difference. I'm far far away in singapore, and you're back home. I was afraid that it would change everything, that we won't be as close as we were, and all that. But hey, my fear was stupid and mythical! We're still close as ever!

Here's something I'd like to say to you.

* Good luck in reaching your dreams, you can do it. Even if you fail, keep on fighting, cus it's not the end of the world, trust me. And be nice, your teachers were mine, too. Hahahahahas ;).

** And for you, little one, enjoy your life. Childhood was the awesome-st time ever. Have fun!

Yeah, it's the three of us against the world :).

I'm not saying this often, and you two know that. Emmm. I love you!



(okay I decided to continue my 30 letters project. Can't promise that I'll do this daily, sorry about that. but I'll try my best to complete this project.)

Dear Crush,

It's been such a nice time of my life to know you.
I'm sorry if I had been mean or pushy or whatever once.
I've never thought that I would fall
How's your life? Having fun?

Errr happy holidays.




December is magical. Trust me. This month is unique, with Christmas, the end of the year, and school holidays in it.

For those of you reading harry potter, you must be familiar with the title.

YEESHHH BUTTERBEER! The drink they have in three broomsticks and hogshead. When reading the book, I was super curious about the taste of this drink. I was dying to try it.

Well, I've told you that this month is magical.

Look what I found in the internet!

AAAAA I'm sooooo eggcited! I'M DEFINITELY GOING TO TRY THIS OUT SOON! Oh and you should try this too! This drink is top rated in the books. lol :D.

Well, i'm not really sure if this recipe would work, but it worths a try! Cheers! :)

*maybe you can change the ice cream flavour to vanilla or something else if you can't find the butterscotch flavour! :)
**fyi, one cup is.... around 235ml.
***butter extract. you can find it in baking shops.

And anyways. Have a magical December!