Oh schweet. My project thingy is officially an epic FAYYYYYL-lure. it doesn't even consist of more than five friggin letters. I beg you my apology.

So anyways. I'm now back home! Yes. For two fucking months. Well it's not two full months, though, but still, it's the longest holiday I get this year. I'm gonna be in Indonesia till THE FIRST OF JANUARY, BABYYYYYY.

Okay, so let's talk about FAILURE.

a thing that no one wants to happen in their lives, of course it is. But sadly, some wants it to happen in others' lives. Others, as in, enemies and rivals, perhaps. For myself, failure has been, I may say, my sweet companion throughout this whole year.

However, as a companion, it makes me learn, too. I learnt that failure is only a small rock on my way, which I can jump over easily, with enough determination and perseverance. It may hurt when you hit the rock, but after that pain, you can't deny that you're tougher. You're stronger, and you're ready to face another rock. And perhaps, you'd prepare yourself with buffers, too.

Aah, failure.


Anonymous said...

so, u should ask for failures in ur lives :D