Well I wanted to hibernate, but I think not this blog. I love this much more than my twitter account!

Well oops, you read me right, I'm hibernating my twitter account, till after Christmas! Why? Yes, good question. I just want to pull myself out of the crowd, back to the basic such as my blog, my tumblr account (yes I'm on tumblr! it's Err I know it's a bit late, but heeey I'm a newbie and proud of it!), MSN, and facebook (well, this one is actually crowder than twitter, but I'd like to catchup with some people there, and greet those having birthdays!)


Anyways. Let's go back to the title!

YES BABY CHRISTMAS IS COMING! I always loooooove Christmas more than anything. Well, not more than my birthday. Emm. Okay.

So it's officially my second most favourite day of the year! Why? For this thing, Why is not a really good question. I think everyone who favours Christmas has the same reason as I do.

I like the Christmas decoration, the red and green combination, the Christmas trees, the Christmas songs, the Christmas eve mass at the church, the birth of Jesus, the food, the legends about Santa Claus's workshop and the elfs, creating wishlist, the presents, and yes, of course, the SPIRIT!

         Talking about decoration and trees, it's such a sad thing that I'm not putting a tree this year :(.
Last year I helped my aunt and uncle putting up and decorating a tree, and my batchmates and I, we put up our own tree in the hostel! And we had this small committee, making a stable, complete with all the statues of baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the angels, and the shepherds!

But this year, I'm not spending my november and december in singapore! Which is a totally great thing, of course, but sadly, in here, my Christmas tree is kinda... spoiled and broken down. I asked my mum about buying a new one, but she said there was no space that is big enough to store it. So my house is kinda plain for this year's Christmas, but that's okay! We still have the SPIRIT. YEAAAAH.

          Talking about... hmm lemme think. the songs! Aaah I love listening to Christmas songs.

And the good thing is that... they're everywhere this month! Yeay :D

They're so calming and they somehow increase your SPIRIT. My favourite song is Winter Wonderland, the Jason Mraz's version! And White Christmas, Michael Buble's version. Ooh and there's this song which I'm not so sure what the title is, the lyrics are like this "Long time ago, in Bethlehem, the holy Bible said // Mary's boy child, Jesus Christ // was born on Christmas day" Well, that's the lyrics, if I'm not mistaken. It's such a nice song, I had a cassette of Christmas songs, with that song in it. However, the thing is broken now. Oh well, I'm gonna look for that song later! ;).

           The next I'm gonna talk about is the mass. There's a particular mass I've never missed for years.

It's the Christmas Eve mass! At my church, at 9 PM.

It finished minutes before 12, that's why I love it. Because it's so Christmas-Eve-ish! Lol :) I started going to this mass when I was in 4th grade of primary. My neighbours and my parents, they were in charge of the Christmas masses that year. And four children, including me, were to perform as angels! Man, that was the most feminine Christmas of my life, I guess. I was to wear white dress, plus the white wings, and dance to the songs sung by the choir. I remember, it was "Slamat slamat datang, Yesus Tuhanku." We were performing at the 5PM mass, the first Christmas Eve mass. After performing, we got out, and had our dinner. At 9PM, I went back for the second mass. The mass was so solemn, and aah, the choirs are always the best. They always succeed to instill such a great SPIRIT. I decided that I'm gonna go again in the next years! Well, I do, till last year! :)

            The FOOOOOOOOD. OHHH My favourite. Let's talk about this year's plan. My mum plans to cook lamb chops and roasted chicken for the dinner! And she's thinking about baking brownies and some other kind of cakes (and I'm still trying to convince her to do ;)) Let's have some SPIRIT on the food, baby! :9.

            Ahh, the legend. I've always believed in Santa Claus, you know. just like other innocent, naive, kiddos. But at age of, errr, I can't remember, I figured out that it was my parents who have always been buying me presents.

That year, they were buying me and my sister bicylce. Their plan of convincing us that it was Santa Claus who bought it was almost successful. Unfortunately, they left the warranty card on the bike. My mum's name was on it. Sigh. Reality hurts, man.

However, I'm thankful indeed, that my parents instilled the Santa Claus image in my sisters and me when we were young. We were such terrified kiddos when Christmas was approaching. We would try our very best to behave well, so that we would not be kidnapped by Zwarte Pieten or Black Pete. There was a time when my sister was a crybaby, and one day when we went to a mall, we met this black pete guy. My mum talked to this guy, and bring this guy to my crying sis. After talking for a few minutes, my sis suddenly stopped crying, and after that, she was too scared to cry. Yes, my mum is -.-, but we were even more -.-

Yet heey! We grew in such a great Christmas SPIRIT, especially in the morning, when we ran all the way to the tree, and discovered that we had got a lot of presents. We would thank our parents and Santa Claus. Yes, we were naive, extremely naive, I know.

           Years after that, my sisters and I decided that, Hey, we should exchange presents! If Santa Claus does not exist, so why don't we, yes, we, become Santa Claus ourselves! So yeah, we have this habit of writing our wishlists, and exchanging it with each other. Before writing them down, we consider the budget. Then each of us will look through the list, and choose one thing that we would like to buy. Then we wrap them, hide them, and give them in the Christmas morning! It's always interesting, and we're always as excited as little toddlers when we're writing down our wishlist, buying each other's presents, and (of course) opening the presents! Yeah baby the SPIRIT's on us! :)

Last but not least, the SPIRIT. Hmm, I don't think I need to talk about it again, as it's mentioned all throughout this post. Yes, you're right.

The CHRISTMAS SPIRIT is actually everywhere.
It's in you. In me. In all of us.

And it's better if we share it with everyone, isn't it? That, is why I'm sharing my experiences, my burning SPIRIT of Christmas, right now with you guys! Well, you can freely do what my family do, too! Cook some lamb chops, roasted chick, bake some cakes, exchange some presents, put up a Christmas tree and  guess what. Perhaps in the future, I'd like to tell my kiddos that Santa Claus exists! :).



Adrianne Walujo said...

Egiiiiii :D :D
AA excited that Christmas is coming soon!
btw, cerita garansi di sepeda lu tuh emang TOP. (Y)

Love your post gi :)
Happy early Christmas to you too.

ND said...

awwww gw ud ga inget kpn trakhir gw masang phon natal. kykny pas masi keciiillll bgt deh hahaha :) happy early christmas too muachh :P


hahahaha anneeeee! aduh emang parah lah itu, sepedanya udah dipake sama supir gua sekarang men.

hahahaha jerrrrryyyyyhhhh!

happy early christmas juga buat kalian :)

Adrianne Walujo said...

hahaha. sepeda yang pnuh dngan memori :X
anyway, gua juga baru inget tntang btapa usilnya nyokap lu, yang ade lu dibilang dipungut and so on :)) haha bener gak sih ingetan gua?


sangat benar sekali ne. begitulah nyokap gua............ hahahahahahahhah :)

rachel ds said...

natal cepatlah datangggg

indrik said...

seru ya bsa tuker2an kado..kluarga lw bnr2 clebrate christmas ya.hahaha


@dewi iyaaaaa gue sudah gak sabar natal nanana :)

@indrik hai nek! lho keluarga lu gak celebrate natal gimana emangnya? jangan sedihhhhh, ajak koko lu lah tukeran kado! :D