Dear mum and dad.

thanks for motivating me, and encouraging me to keep moving forward. thanks for being so patient for my homesickness and my mood swings. thanks for being so supportive and affectionate. thanks for being a great friend, too.

thanks for accepting my middling scores and marks. thanks for cheering me up when I cried. thanks for telling me jokes to make me laugh.

to mum: thanks for sending me those daily bread, they're wonderful. and thanks for being so "gawulsszsz". you're the best.
to dad: thanks for being so patient and caring about my issues, even though sometimes I've been very irritating. you're the best.

and i'm very sorry if I had hurt both of you in any ways before.

i love you.

egi :).


Didi Wirawan said...

papa mama tetep sayang sama kamu ya.. adek adek kamu juga.. pokoknya kamu semua the best buat papa :D