Dear besties,

thanks for being in my life. I mean it, THANKYOU.

If you think that I haven't been thanking you enough for your existence in my life, I really apologise. I wish I had been telling you more often ._. I agree with what my friend once said, that people can actually have more than one best friend. Yes, I have quite an amount of best friends. Cos my definition of best friend is

"a person who stays by your side, and with whom you feel that your life is colourful and meaningful."

Best friends are not necessarily the ones who is always with you anytime, as I learnt that distance does not hamper the relationship between us. And they are not necessarily the ones whom I have known for years, as I learnt that best friends could appear out of nowhere, enter your life, and in a blast of days they can be a big part of your life.

Okay, enough with my opinion. In short, I have more than one best friend, okay.

I'd like to thank you, yes, YOU, for these things.

*Thanks for being such a wonderful listener when I needed someone to babble and ramble to. thankyou!
*Thanks for always motivating me, cheering me up, convincing me that my life is worth fighting for, and telling me not to give up. you're the reason why I'm still surviving here at the moment. thankyou :).
*Thanks for confiding me with your secrets and stories, I'm thankful that you trust me with your problems and everything. Thankyou :).
*Thanks for all the silly moments, for doing stupid things together, laughing out loud with me, rolling on the floor with me, giggling bimbotically with me, and joking idiotically with me. You colour my life :).
*Thanks for giving me solutions for my problems. Thanks for telling me that it is not the end of the world, and thanks for staying as my friend even though I'm far far away from you (for you who lives back in Indonesia), even though I'm such a bad friend that I rarely call you. Every short message you sent me is priceless. Thankyou :).

And I'd like to say sorry, too.

*(to those in Indonesia) Sorry for being such a bad friend, for not giving you birthday presents on time, for not attending your birthday party, for not being by your side when you've got problems, for not helping you when you've got difficulties or whatever, for not hanging out with you when you were bored and needed someone to go out with. I'm sorry :(.
*Sorry for being such an incapable psychologist, as I often could not come up with solutions for your problems, so I could only pat your back and say "cheer up"
*Sorry for having such a terrible mood swing, that I sometimes look so miserable and annoying, and I could not be a nice friend.
*Sorry for being such a selfish and tactless person sometimes, and for not being able to react appropriately when you tell me your stories.

Okay. I think that is all. But please, do remember. I love you, no matter what. Even though you didn't think that I am your best friend, that is totally okay. Everyone's got different opinion about what best friend means, anyway :).




Andrew said...

First of all lemme just say that your vocabulary is astounding.
Second, u've never been in any way a miserable friend. U've been such a great friend to me. And I'm thrilled to have you as my friend. Though, YES, I'm still waiting for that present :)

For the record im just joking bout the present LOL

Felicia said...

aww dede i love you too! you're also one of my best friends here heheheh and you are the best junior i've ever had :) thank you for being there for me when i need you :) i love you, de <3

felika93 said...
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felika93 said...


Anonymous said...

waaaaaa,,, egi... so sweet. jadi ngerasa bangga gw dipilih jadi bff lo. hihihi. come home soon.

Anonymous said...



rachel ds said...

i love this post