Dear mum and dad.

thanks for motivating me, and encouraging me to keep moving forward. thanks for being so patient for my homesickness and my mood swings. thanks for being so supportive and affectionate. thanks for being a great friend, too.

thanks for accepting my middling scores and marks. thanks for cheering me up when I cried. thanks for telling me jokes to make me laugh.

to mum: thanks for sending me those daily bread, they're wonderful. and thanks for being so "gawulsszsz". you're the best.
to dad: thanks for being so patient and caring about my issues, even though sometimes I've been very irritating. you're the best.

and i'm very sorry if I had hurt both of you in any ways before.

i love you.

egi :).


Dear besties,

thanks for being in my life. I mean it, THANKYOU.

If you think that I haven't been thanking you enough for your existence in my life, I really apologise. I wish I had been telling you more often ._. I agree with what my friend once said, that people can actually have more than one best friend. Yes, I have quite an amount of best friends. Cos my definition of best friend is

"a person who stays by your side, and with whom you feel that your life is colourful and meaningful."

Best friends are not necessarily the ones who is always with you anytime, as I learnt that distance does not hamper the relationship between us. And they are not necessarily the ones whom I have known for years, as I learnt that best friends could appear out of nowhere, enter your life, and in a blast of days they can be a big part of your life.

Okay, enough with my opinion. In short, I have more than one best friend, okay.

I'd like to thank you, yes, YOU, for these things.

*Thanks for being such a wonderful listener when I needed someone to babble and ramble to. thankyou!
*Thanks for always motivating me, cheering me up, convincing me that my life is worth fighting for, and telling me not to give up. you're the reason why I'm still surviving here at the moment. thankyou :).
*Thanks for confiding me with your secrets and stories, I'm thankful that you trust me with your problems and everything. Thankyou :).
*Thanks for all the silly moments, for doing stupid things together, laughing out loud with me, rolling on the floor with me, giggling bimbotically with me, and joking idiotically with me. You colour my life :).
*Thanks for giving me solutions for my problems. Thanks for telling me that it is not the end of the world, and thanks for staying as my friend even though I'm far far away from you (for you who lives back in Indonesia), even though I'm such a bad friend that I rarely call you. Every short message you sent me is priceless. Thankyou :).

And I'd like to say sorry, too.

*(to those in Indonesia) Sorry for being such a bad friend, for not giving you birthday presents on time, for not attending your birthday party, for not being by your side when you've got problems, for not helping you when you've got difficulties or whatever, for not hanging out with you when you were bored and needed someone to go out with. I'm sorry :(.
*Sorry for being such an incapable psychologist, as I often could not come up with solutions for your problems, so I could only pat your back and say "cheer up"
*Sorry for having such a terrible mood swing, that I sometimes look so miserable and annoying, and I could not be a nice friend.
*Sorry for being such a selfish and tactless person sometimes, and for not being able to react appropriately when you tell me your stories.

Okay. I think that is all. But please, do remember. I love you, no matter what. Even though you didn't think that I am your best friend, that is totally okay. Everyone's got different opinion about what best friend means, anyway :).




Yo fellow bloggers! Exams are over, and the only things blocking my way to total freedom are Science Practical Assessments or SPAs (super ironic, right, "spa" is supposed to be relaxing. but it is a freaking practical test here in singapore ._.) and my o'level mother tounge exam.

So I decided to do this project here in my blog, which I found in the internet, and which one of my friend tenny has already been doing it.

The project is called 30 letters project. As it clearly states, I'm going to write 30 letters to different parties in my life, one each day. It may be directed to you! Yes, you!

So, stay tuned ;).

lovesssssss, egi.



I've been fighting and spending sleepless nights and struggling with my macbook and writing 78 messages for my 78 seniors and it was exam period, too. I was so scaaaaaared that they wouldnt enjoy the farewell, especially the JC2s, who have some "high expectations" and high "tendency" to "boo" us away.

well, I know that it wasn't perfect, but they enjoyed it. That's all we (the committees) want :).

Costumes on! :).

THE JC2s, plus anisa.

the JC2s TERRORISTS FREEDOM FIGHTERS! They're super creative! look at the suicide bombers costume! There are redoxons and freaking calculators! HAHAHAHA :D

the lovely senioressssss

my batchmatesssss + anisa! (she's such a superstar that night hahaha)

Rena with the terrorist :)

another pics of my seniors! their costumes are EPIC! <3.

MY SISTAAAAA <3<3<3. Gonna miss youuuuuu :(.

here are the sec 4s.

OMG I'll surely miss them all! Even tho it's been only a year, I feel like having a second family here in CJCH. I seriously can't imagine how hostel life would be without such seniors like them.

And next year, I am the senior. That would feel super weird, huh.

Hiks. I'm speechless. All of you are the best seniors one could ever ask, bener deh.

Thank you for everything. Udah mau ngajarin gue disaat otak gue nge-lag, udah mau memotivasi gue supaya lebih kiasu dan jadi the ultimate mugger, udah mau menghibur gue disaat gue down atau stress atau sedih atau kangen rumah, udah mau bagi-bagi makanan ke gue, udah mau menggossip bersama gue, udah mau dengerin gue ngoceh sampe ngalor ngidul, udah mau curhat ke gue, dan masih banyak lagi.

I really appreciate everything that you guys have done to me, even by just smiling and saying hello when we met at the corridors or whatever. You guys are the funniest, friendliest, nicest, cutest, most caring, and sweetest seniors eveerrrrrrrr.

You've coloured my life. You make me feel normal. You make me feel at home :).

All the best for all of you, seniorsss. Remember that you still have a home here, in CJCH :''''').



Thanks to end of year exams, for making me experiencing brain retardation. rawrrrr.