I've been an ultimate liar in telling what and how I feel to others. I must admit, that I don't really feel comfortable telling a friend that I have a crush, or I hate you, or I'm homesick, or I want you to shut up, I love you, I like your style, or all sorts of feelings that people tell to each other.

I may be a tweeter, and I write a lot on it, and I have a blog in which I write about myself, but I'm a sucker when it comes to feelings. A total sucker.

Especially when I'm mad, I prefer to swallow them down. Well, it doesn't work really well nowadays. I just can't stand those anger feelings sometimes, and all I wanted was to blow them up, and let them away. However, I just can't. Okay, you can tell me I'm a coward, stupid disgusting hypocrite or whatever.

So now, I just keep them to myself, stay quiet, and listened to songs in my ipod.

Hmm, perhaps another problem is that I don't have someone to talk to. Well, I have friends here, don't get me wrong, but I haven't found the one whom I can't confide all my darkest secrets which I'm not comfortable to share with casual acquaintances, talk about things that burden me, or simply just do silly things together with greatest pleasure as if what we do is the most extraordinary thing on earth.


I apologise if my blabber is getting off the senses. Or if my english is not understandable, or if it's mistaken in any ways.

I'm getting to realise that I'm such a terrible blogger.


Anonymous said...

remember, u still have the best from the best, which is your Father, Jesus Christ =)
Tuhan itu tempat curhat yang terbaik...hahahaha

Chris said...

Haha stress yah gi? xD


thankyou, anonymous! Tuhan memberkatiiiiiiiii :)

@toto iya to stress to the maxxxxxxx