Hi, this is me. I'm... exhausted. stressed. Yes, it's unavoidable. Everybody I know is kinda stressed here. Wanna know some reasons why? Here, let me introduce you the timetable of my days.

0545 - alarm rings
0600 - shower time
0610 - a short nap
0630 - wakey wakey.
0645 - breakfast
0710 - go to school: walk down through the college, walk through the flyover, wait for the bus, hop on bus for two stops, walk through apartments, and finally, arrive at school.
0730 - morning assembly: listen to announcement, singapore's national anthem and pledge, christian hymn, morning prayer.
0750 - lessons start -.-
around 1310-1430 - lessons end
1400 - english tuition till 4pm (monday)
1500 - Red Cross (sigh -.-) till 6pm or later (tuesday)
1500 - Higher malay lessons till 5pm (wednesday-friday)
1700-1800 or later - arrive at hostel, shower, (if there is time, a short nap), dinner
1900 - settling down: continue the nap, tidying things up, blablabla.
2000-2200 - prep time: it means four words, study& do your homework(sssss).
2200 - hostel comm meeting, or if there is no meeting, then you can relax a bit.
2300 - lights out. darky darky. brush teeth, wash feet, pee.
2330/2400 - good night world.

This thing repeats on the all weekdays. Now you have something in your mind right, about how monotone my life is. maybe you'll ask, what about weekends?

these recent weekends, my "lovely" CCA (co-curricular activity), red cross, have been invading my life. we've got trainings and trainings and tests and blabla on saturday, from morning till noon. if I'm lucky, there are no more disturbance for my weekend.

For now, my only wishes are:

*more sleep
*less red cross
*my family
*my friends
and most of all: home :(.


rachel ds said...

muke lo gak nyantaaai