I just realised that I'm such a slackish blogger. And due to that reason, my blog's going nowhere. Sheesh. But hey, I'm doing my best here now to be a better blogger! So here's another post.

Well finally, after a quite-torturing three month period in singapore, I'm finally home again. YES, for goodness sake, I'm home. Life's back to normal here at home. However, unfortunately I must be back on thursday. yes, this friggin thursday 10th of june. So here are my short days at home, and I'm trying all the best I can to live them to the fullest :).

Lately, I had been on some activities. Some are quite dull, some are awesome, some gave me new friends, some strengthened the bonds with existing friends, some is about a friend who's leaving, and etcetra etcetra.
Anyway, I've provided you guys some photos to tell you guys about the activities, and also, to relax your eyes. Let's start from the latest ones.

Here goes THURAIN, my group during Famine Camp on last 4-5 june. Believe it or not, we passed 30 HOURS without any food. Yes, you read me right, THIRTY HOURS. I must admit that I felt hungry, but then I survived. Hahaha. I feel rily proud about this thing, since I've never done any fasting for the last 16 years of my life. From that camp, I got 30 hours CIP. Man, I'm so proud of it.

Ohh, and my group is damn fun! Well, sometimes I felt kinda bored of the activities and everything, but they cheered me up with some singaporean jokes, random words about cheesefries, and we kept on yelling "They're hungry, but I'm starving!" --- which is a complete contrast from the motto of the camp, "I'm hungry, but they're starving." Even though I barely knew them, it seems like we've been friends for a long time! HAHA :).

Anyway, if you're wondering what is this camp all about, and why the hell we want to starve for 30 hours, check the website:  http://www.30hourfamine.org.sg/ :).


Let's move further back. On the first day of holiday, 28 may, my class had an outing to sentosa! Yes, my smartypanties classmates and I went to vivocity, and took monorails to the island. Unfortunately, my bloody camera ran out of battery even before we got on the island itself! Dumb me, I forgot to charge it ._. Thanks to my friends, however, I still got the photos on the island! Heehee :).

These are my classmates from INDONESIA! actually, there are eight of us, but anastasia and claudia were not there :/. from left to right: ida, stephanie, me, natalia, michelle, claudy.

And these are my other classmates! Actually there are 40 of us in a class, but some were not coming to the outing, and some others are not joining the picture-taking. but nevermind, THREEONE ROCKS :D.


Let's move another few steps back. On sunday, 23 may, one of my "sisters" was leaving. With leaving, it means that she's terminating from the scholarship, and not staying in CJ anymore. As some of you may know, I've been in singapore for 6 months. These six months rily tighten bonds between me and others staying with me in the hostel. We're like a family. I've got lots of sisters and brothers altogether. We celebrate birthdays, we spend days and nights together, we talk, laugh, cry, go out, watch movies, church, and doing all stuff together. But then, one is leaving. Her name's delania, or dela, for short. She's one of the many sisters I have there. Her room's used to be in front of mine.

So on that day, we went out to changi to "send her home". There are quite a number of us, and we chattered as we go by MRT all the way to the airport. From the time we left the hostel to the time before she left for boarding, we took some photos.

Well, if you're wondering what on earth is that, They're supposed to be read D-E-L-A. Hahahaha. from left to right: claudia (audi), elizabeth (eliz), ME, and claudy :).

Ohh, here is one of the photos that we gave to dela as the "last present". Hihi, on the left is nael, and dela's on the right ;).

There she goes. We miss you, dela!


Well, that's all for now. Post to you later! :).