Hi blog-walkers, constant readers, and dearest friends :).

Sorry for not being consistent in blogging. I need to stuck my head into school books. yes, school books, my friends, you read me right.

I got this thing called mid year exams.
Well, just like other exams, it's super stressful. super annoying. super hard. super make-you-not-able-to-go-out.

Sigh. thank GOD it's going to end soon, and then I'll be able to enjoy my life again!

I'll keep you guys updated, okay.


*Ohh anyway, I just made my formspring account! I know I'm sooo late, but late is even better than not doing it at all, right :).
soo, go and ask me anything! Click here: formspring.me

**PHOTOSSSS ;D. they make my world goes around :).


"grawr. i am angry. go away!"

"admit it, i'm just too cute to be unhugged, right?"