Hi, fellas! Well, you're probably wondering what the hell does the title mean. Kinda lame, I know, but those five things are the five main things I do every single day. Yes, only those things, no more.

Err, plus browsing, perhaps, but I just got my laptop, and I don't think browsing is gonna be a regular thing for me, thanks to those damn schoolwork(s).

So what do you all think? I cant say that my life is AWE-some, neither I can say that my life super duper sucks. (saying that it sucks would just make it sucks deeper, trust me.)

That's what I'm trying to do right now, convincing myself that my life is good - well at least it MUST be good so that it's worth to be lived, and I'm currently trying to encourage myself to be a tough girl, a very patient, thoughtful, and cheerful one, instead of being moody and stressed whenever I got super exhausted due to (AGAIN), those damn schoolwork(s).

However, my dear fellows, so far it has been MEGA difficult. yes, my friend, MEGA. If I can exaggerate more, it's ULTRA DIFFICULT. (I wonder which is bigger, mega or ultra?).
I've been biting my lips every time my mood drops and I'd like to shout to some annoying people, and it freaks me out sometimes.

Moreover, I also need to consider my friends' moods. I live a similar life here with them, so sometimes, when I got bad mood, they have bad mood, too. Well, when two or more people with super bad mood gather together, you can see some shits flying around.

For the past months, I've been such a "sekia" (meaning, a little child; childish person) by crying my mood out, texting my mum, saying that I want to go home, I'm sick of my life, and those sorts of things. I had been very selfish too, by asking both my mum and dad to come here, and leave my two sisters back home.

But then I realise that I can't do that forever.

I need to grow up.

At least, I need to act like a sixteen year old girl who has decided to accept this thing, and live in singapore.
I cant regret everything I have done.
I cant cry all night for those regrets, which would result in huge eyebags and stuck nose on the next day.
I cant blame my friends for what I got wrong.
I need to consider their mood.
I cant text my mum by capslock words and ask her to come here just because I got bad mood.

I need to live my life on my own. I cant depend on my mum and my dad forever, and neither I can depend on my friends.

The only one whom I should have leaned on is JESUS alone. Sheesh. Living alone makes you realise that you need to build up a stronger faith, you know.

Sigh. I need to try a bit more. good luck for me, I guess :).


Cheryl : the stupid brat said...

haha :D;;;
disana berat ya ci D:

sabar2 :)
setidaknya pendidikan disana lebih bagus dr Indo kan? XD just bear with it D:

good luck ya :3


thankyou cheryl kamu baik sekaliiiiii :)