[it's 16th FEBRUARY 2010, 2:06 PM]

Hi, there! again, millions of sorries from me, for being such an unproductive blogger. and what makes me even more unproductive is that my posts are ordinary. so sorry, I'm still in process of learning.

So as you know, I'm now living my life in Singapore. It's quite different and contrast with my life back in my hometown, lovely Indonesia. Perhaps you're wondering whether it is a good life, for a smart scholar like me. However, I must say that you get it wrong.

Firstly, I'm not that smart. Well, maybe I'm smart, but there are still people who are more ingenious, and far smarter than me. In fact, I'm a quite lazy student here, compared with my dear friends. Yes, homework sucks for me, just like it does for you guys.

Secondly, my life here is just as ordinary as yours. It is even more tiring. I need to wake up early, get ready, and walk my way to school. No cars, no taxis. I take bus, but most of the journey is on foot. So, bus is not counted. Next, PE lesson. Well, I'm never good at this subject. I can survive the joggings, the sports, and the push-ups, sit-ups, jumping-jacks, but still, I would prefer not doing PE.

The life at hostel is good, though. The food's nice, the aunties are kind and caring, the friends are supportive and fun. but there are chores you have to do yourself, and they are extremely tiring. The positive thing is that after doing those chore, you appreciate your "mbak" even more. you miss them, you wish they were here helping you doing those chores.

The best thing about living here is the weekends and the holidays. You can explore singapore, go to any place you like. The transport is easy, and the safety's good for traveling alone. You can shop till you drop, you can hang out in the cafes, you can go to the zoo (it's so COOL!), have a city tour, anything! You just need to remember the curfew at your hostel ;)

Ehem, I think this is enough for now. And for you guys who wants to go here for your study, I'm not discouraging you to come. I'm telling you what to prepare, what you'll face here. You'll be more independent, trust me. You'll appreciate life even more, believe me.

So please, do go. Do try the test. Do accept the scholarship. Do come to singapore. Don't make this post as a thing that discourages you.


P.S.: the local friends are very FRIENDLY! they're really welcoming. You'll definitely enjoy the class! :)


Adrianne W said...

Haha, have to agree that the aunties are really nice. The locals are also very friendly and warm :))

and of course HOMEWORK SUCKS for every human being. hahaha.

SanctumSacre said...

Hahaha, yeah, I agree. During weekend, to stay here is like in heaven xD everything is so relaxing

Anyway,guys come here to Singapore!!! xD


hahahhaha yeayeayea homework sucks for every human being! what a statement ._.

yaaaapp the hostel is like your very own home! feels rily comfy! hahahahaa :D

janet said...

ayay i didnt try the scholarship test :(

Chelle said...

heyhey egii, nice post!!!
itu yang fotoin nicoo egii :]


hahahha kenapa ga dicoba janet sayang loh ckkkkkkk

BULE! thanks. aga pointless kalo menurut gua. aga stuck belakangan ini, gatau mau ngepost apa ._.