THOUSANDS OF SORRY,BLOGGERS. I should have done my kaleidoscope project, but I slacked and it's failed. so very very sorry :(.

I feel ashamed when I did some blogwalks to my friends' blogs. they made some awesome postings about past memories in last year. I feel more ashamed when I saw my not-finished-and-not-complete-either draft. I have now lost my mood. SORRRYYYY :(:(:(.

by the way, this is my last year's kaleidoscope link

well, let's get to the topic. it's a new year, so HAPPY NEW YEAR, lovely bloggers! I wish y'all the happiest new year, and may your NY resolutions be accomplished :)

by the way, school starts already. it feels really really weird, wearing your uniform, getting up early, carrying heavy backpack on your back after SIX MONTHS being "SCHOOL-LESS".

The school lessons themselves are very exhausting. the teachers are simply immoral. they just give homework, homework, and more homework as if we got nothing to do after school finishes.

I was kinda sick in the last two week. I felt unwell, got stomachache, a little fever, and some headache. but thank GOD I recovered fast. there were some of my friends who got sick. it was like a relay race, when everybody takes turn to get sick. hahaha.

oops, I think I've babbled too much. see you later, bloggers. have a great 2010 :) and ooh, here are some pics!

1) the international students. all the way from the asean countries!
2) indonesiansss! YEA.
3) recess time.


ND said...

uettsssss egi rajin update *stidakny lebi rajin dr gw :D*
eh iy tuhh punggung gw cape bukuny kyk 5 kg smua :(
cieehh fotony dipajang
gw seneng vto kdua dehh :D

regina-ekaputri said...

hahahaha ga juga tauu gue slack banget. iya nih cape bgt tasnya kaya karung beras berat bgtt hahaha