I looooove converse chuck taylor canvas shoes. They're uber cool. This last hour, I browsed to to do some window shopping. And here are some cool shoes I found there. Check-check!

Yes this is one of the new entry in Singapore's website. As you can see, it has a word "CALLING" on its rubber. Hmm, are you wondering why they call it "the clash"? let's take a look on the lower part:

yup, no wonder they call it "THE CLASH". hahaha. Oh, I'm so loving this (y)

Chuck Taylor Spec Ox.
SAY WHAT, it's another Chuck Taylor. And look at the color. Neon Green is really on the trend. Yup it's another new entry on Singapore's website. Fresh, ain't it?


That was from Singapore store. And for these ones, they come freshly from the U.S. store!

Yes, Yell it. It's Chuck Taylor Leopard Sequins! Unfortunately it hasn't reach either Singapore store or Indonesia. It just came out last October! Well, who doesn't love animal prints? :)

Another sequins, but different pattern! It's the Chuck Taylor Rainbow sequins.
Whoa, back off, it hasn't reached Asia, unfortunate for you! So, be prepared :)

You see it right, my friends. It really is transparent. It's Chuck Taylor All Star Clear! Another new entry in the U.S. store. Hasn't come out yet in Singapore and Indonesia. Some say that this shoe glows in the dark! Yes take a look at this:

YIHA it really does glow in the dark. super cool, rite?

Phew, that's all for now. You wanna know more? take a visit at for the U.S. store, and for the Singapore one. I wonder why don't we Indonesian have converse web. We really really should make one.

Well, happy shoe-surfing ;)


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