Recent Submit @deviantart.

Hey hey hey! Yes I'm back with a new layout, mates!

And now I'm posting with some self promos.
FYI, I have an account in deviantart, and here are some recent submission there. I wanna know what do you think about them!

So please, please comment :)

  1. Hibiscus (kembang sepatu, Red.) captured in kuningan, cirebon.
  2. It's my mango tree, people. in blurry version, yes. it's called "bokeh". wanna know more, or how to make one? check here
  3. Again and again, dendy. he was playing with a spray. it's candid one ;)
  4. Shape it, HEART. that's the title I gave at my deviantart gallery. yes, I used a flashlight to make it! and it's absolutely fun, making it. you should try, too.

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