I forgot how fun my life is

Blogging used to be so fun to me.

In early days, I used to blog so often, and my days felt uncomplete when I haven't updated my blog.
Yes, at weekends, I used to rush to my pc, access blogger.com and pffff.

typing anything in my mind.
sharing every random thoughts I had to you readers.
blabbering about every single annoying things I've experienced.
complimenting every fun and exciting days I've got.

And now here I am, looking back to myself, asking to my own heart:

"what changes me?"

yes I wonder, what changes my life? it used to be so colorful, dynamical, so fun to share, so great to enjoy.

but hey, people. it's all because of me. myself.

yeah. nobody can change your life. it must be you, who change it, under your consciousness.

I realized that it's me who have no intention to enjoy it, no attempt to make it colorful like before. I'm too focused on myself, my stupidity, my badness, and every mistake I made,

without looking outside--to people who had worse life than mine.
I forgot that there are people who have nothing to eat, have no house to live on, have no family to love, have no friends to hang out with, and have no computer to blog.

well, the point is that I forgot how to be thankful.

and now, after knowing what I forgot, I wanna learn back from the beginning, start a new fresh page of my life :)