(TOO) long yet pathetic holidays

lately, i suck at blogging. have nothing to write about, have no pics to upload here, and well, things are not going well either.

seems like this too long holiday is eating me alive.

I have only few things to do, and it's kinda repeated all day. you know how monotone it is. YES, monotone. or as I say, tasteless.

what are the things? they can be counted by two hands.

*the first one is (of course): Online.

gosh it starts to make me browned off, online-online- and online. shoot. and the best part is that nobody's online on weekdays, well except my scholarmates. (yes, reader. i'm speaking in ironic way)

*watching TV

yes this is my getaway when I'm too bored to go online. However, local tv stations are -oh my- getting worse in choosing the programs to be broadcast. their shows are ...pathetic. or what we say here, ALAY. yes, sooooooo dreadful. they seem to lose their creativity in creating new shows. thank GOD i subscribe to cable tv. so i can have some pleasure in watching axn, mtv, hbo, etc. it entertains me, a little.

*watching dvds

okay. I have some dvd stocks that i haven't watched yet. however, the stocks are decreasing as I watch one in a day. uh oh.

*reading books

the books are now so few! what I do is not reading, but re-reading. yes. and you know that it's boring. my mom won't buy me books, and i have few money to buy some myself.

that's all. oh look! they can be counted not by two hands, but one hand is enough!

yes. my days are pathetic. some friends ask me: why don't I hang out to some malls? Oh no, I can't hang out, my parents don't let me. yes, the reason's as simple as that.

urgggggggh. I can hardly enjoy my life.