Day 1 was over yesterday, and now I'm posting about the very next day. I remembered exactly how long was that day. It felt like forever and I was walking on foot for THE ENTIRE DAY.

Well, I took MRTs for some minutes, but hey. To reach the destination, you still need to walk, walk, and walk. No wonder Singaporeans have beautiful legs. They spend their times by walking, walking, and walking.

Okay back to the topic. At the first night, we stayed in Orchard. However, for the next days we were moving to novena. Oh gosh, the distance between the flat and the MRT station is damn far, and when you were walking after a whole day, you would feel like it was from jakarta to bandung.

On that day, we spent the whole day visiting recreation sites. the first one is Jurong Bird Park.
Here's some shots I got:

1) On the way there, at Boon Lay MRT station. bike to shop, how greeeen.

2) A bird was having lunch. Yummm

3) Flamingo lagoon

4) Unknown kiddo was hungraaay.

After that, we went back to the MRT station, and departing to the next destination: MINT museum of toys! I got the info from my friend adeline, that this museum was incredible. So we decided to go there.

However, it was so difficult to find the location of the museum. We got lost, and we tried to ask to every singaporean we met. Unfortunately, only few people knew where it is. Even a security didn't know where it is. Then we walked through Seah Street, where the museum is supposed to be. Finally we found it! Well, it IS small. and it IS incredible!

Here's some amazing toys I've found there:

1) Batman. 2) The seven dwarfs. 3) TIN TIN 4) Mickey Mouse (early years). 5) Buck Rogers. 6) Ultraman. 7) Michael Lee. 8) The Beatles!

And there are more amazing toys from time to time. totally recommended for toys lovers!

After that, we went to raffles place. merlion park, fullerton hotel, esplanade, and flowing with Singapore river. That's what every tourists does when visiting singapore. Soo common.

Yup, that's the pic.

1) Asian Civilisation Museum. 2) Esplanade, Theatre on the bay. 3) Clarke Quay, one of the busiest place. 4) The Fullerton Hotel, the oldest hotel in Singapore. 5) Merlion Park. 6) Singapore flyer.

Well, people. That's the end of day 2.