I'm so sorry for updating about my summer trip this late. Yeah actually I went on this trip in last June, but I had no time to report about it. So here it goes now!

Last June, my family and I went to Singapore. Believe it or not, it's my first overseas trip, as I had never been out of my beloved country, Indonesia. And believe it or not (Again), Singapore is going to be my residence for the next four years. Fyi, I got a scholarship for studying there for four years.

It started at 25th June, and ended at 30th. On the day before, my parents had just bought me new dslr! So I experimented in Singapore, without finishing reading the manual book. haha. Yet still, I've got some shots. Enjoy!

Day 1

1) A girl and her mum at Soekarno Hatta, busy with her shoelaces, perhaps.
2) They're trash cans, baby. So wonderfully created, aint they?
3) An anonymous man captured while waiting in Changi Airport.
4) Perfect reflection of one of Changi Airport entrance. yikes.
5) Say what. I stayed for a night at Lucky plaza apartment, Orchard. In the opposite of the road, lies Wisma Atria, one of famous and classy shopping center.

Aaaand there goes Day 1.

The next-next day will be posted in a moment. Make sure you stay tuned ;)