I'm a not so good blogger.

I know I'm not a very good blogger, people. Yeah, a good one will update their blog routinely. I update my blog based on my mood. Sheeesh how bad I am.

However, I've got some quite good reasons why I don't update my blog routinely.

First, I have some pretty heavy weeks on my course. Dammit, It tortures me a lot with loads of homework, quizes, and difficult chapters. It feels like hell as I'm not a very good learner. The worst week ever is this week. I've got three effing difficult quizes, lotsa-lotsa-lotsa homework, and yesterday there's a super boring workshop about mind-maping.

The second reason is that my parents don't allow me to use the internet on weekdays. Don't ask me why, for they have their own reason. Some of my pals suggested me to just play, as my parents won't discover it (they're working from morning to at least seven pm). Dang! I can't do that. Maybe my parents won't see it, but my sisters will tell them as soon as they're home!

Well you can't blame my sis. They wanna play as much as I do. That's why they won't let me play, as I won't let them either ;p

And the third is that I become more interested in microblogging sites. Yep, twitter. Have you got one? Then we should follow each other! If you haven't, make one. Trust me, it's fun!

here's my tweeting account egigigi

That was all. I'm so sorry for being a bad-bad-bad blogger. Well, you can't expect too much from a teenager (;

and lastly, I just wanna tell you that recently I design something for IYC-Indonesian Youth Conference. I really really hope they like it. here it is

please comment through my chatbox whether you like it or not. thankies (: