(TOO) long yet pathetic holidays

lately, i suck at blogging. have nothing to write about, have no pics to upload here, and well, things are not going well either.

seems like this too long holiday is eating me alive.

I have only few things to do, and it's kinda repeated all day. you know how monotone it is. YES, monotone. or as I say, tasteless.

what are the things? they can be counted by two hands.

*the first one is (of course): Online.

gosh it starts to make me browned off, online-online- and online. shoot. and the best part is that nobody's online on weekdays, well except my scholarmates. (yes, reader. i'm speaking in ironic way)

*watching TV

yes this is my getaway when I'm too bored to go online. However, local tv stations are -oh my- getting worse in choosing the programs to be broadcast. their shows are ...pathetic. or what we say here, ALAY. yes, sooooooo dreadful. they seem to lose their creativity in creating new shows. thank GOD i subscribe to cable tv. so i can have some pleasure in watching axn, mtv, hbo, etc. it entertains me, a little.

*watching dvds

okay. I have some dvd stocks that i haven't watched yet. however, the stocks are decreasing as I watch one in a day. uh oh.

*reading books

the books are now so few! what I do is not reading, but re-reading. yes. and you know that it's boring. my mom won't buy me books, and i have few money to buy some myself.

that's all. oh look! they can be counted not by two hands, but one hand is enough!

yes. my days are pathetic. some friends ask me: why don't I hang out to some malls? Oh no, I can't hang out, my parents don't let me. yes, the reason's as simple as that.

urgggggggh. I can hardly enjoy my life.

Engkong Mengubah Saya.

Kita berpikir kalau Indonesia itu hancur lebur. Generasi muda menyedihkan, budaya ga keurus, pemerintahan berantakan, dan semua yang jelek-jelek. Sayangnya, kita, anak muda, seringkali hanya memikirkan masalah-masalahnya aja. Kalau ditanya solusinya? Mungkin dari seratus yang ditanya, tidak sampai separonya bisa memberi solusi. Yang keluar dari mulut cuma dumelan, keluhan, atau yang paling parah,

"Itu kan urusan pemerintah. Mereka dong yang harus cari solusi"

atau intinya, mereka ngga peduli sama solusinya. Yang penting itu harus dihentikan, diubah, ga peduli gimana caranya. Dan waktu melihat kalau pemerintah nggak mampu (atau mungkin belum) ngatasin masalah itu, atau usaha pemerintah kurang efektif, mereka yang tadi nggak bisa ngasih solusi itu yang akan protes duluan. Segala kritik, sampai caci maki bisa keluar.

Ironis, bukan.

Saya akui, saya juga bukanlah orang yang seratus persen concerned sama setiap isu-isu negara, dari tentang politik, kaya DPR, korupsi, RUU, Otonomi Daerah, krisis ekonomi, dll. Baca koran aja mood-mood an. Kalau tertarik sama headline nya, baru deh baca sampai habis. Apalagi kalau nggak ngerti apa inti dari isunya. Kalau udah begini, biasanya saya nanya sama engkong saya.

Engkong saya umurnya 77 tahun. Tapi, beda sama engkong-engkong diluar sana yang mungkin umur segini udah nggak kuat ngapa-ngapain, engkong saya adalah orang yang cukup up-to-date. Karna udah nggak kerja, jadi kerjaannya setiap hari itu baca koran, nonton berita (dari berita olahraga, dunia, nasional, sampai infotainment juga engkong saya nonton), baca novel-novel (Jengis Khan, Godfather, Agatha Christie, dll), belanja di pasar, kadang juga jemput adek saya ke sekolah.

Nah, engkong saya ini yang selalu saya tanyain kalo ada isu-isu yang saya nggak ngerti, ketinggalan, atau saya nggak tertarik untuk baca di koran. He can answer every questions that I give. Dia juga suka nasehatin saya,

"Kamu harus rajin baca koran, gi. Biar tau, apa yang lagi terjadi di luar sana."

Hari ini, detik ini juga, saya jadi mikirin kata-katanya itu. Mungkin, kalo nggak ada engkong, saya bisa jadi katak dalam tempurung. Terisolasi dari dunia luar, cuma bisa "menangisi" nasib Indonesia yang diambang jurang, nggak ngerti apa yang harus dilakuin. Kalo nggak ada engkong, saya bisa jadi adalah salah satu dari lebih dari separo orang yang akan menjawab seperti yang di atas itu , waktu ditanya soal solusi.

Nah, setelah diingetin sama engkong saya itu, saya mau mem"forward" peringatan engkong saya ke kamu-kamu.

Gimana kita bisa ubah Indonesia yang katanya menyedihkan itu kalo kita aja nggak tau apa yang terjadi di sekitar kita.
Gimana masa depan negara kita bisa cerah, kalo kita nggak peduli sama keadaan sekarang ini.

Kalian juga tau kan, apa kata orang-orang dewasa soal generasi muda. Kita dibilang penghancur masa depan lah, menyedihkan lah, dan lalala yang jelek-jelek itu. Gimana kita bisa ngebuktiin kalo kata-kata mereka itu salah, kalo kita-nya nggak berusaha apa-apa?

Kita bisa mulai dengan satu langkah pertama yang simple dan mudah : Baca Koran.

"You really can change the world if you care enough." Marian Wright Edelman


Ini dia Engkong &saya, waktu si engkong ulang tahun ke 77, 05/05/2009
Engkong saya selalu mikir kalo dia mirip Brad Pitt. Hahaha, may God bless him ;)


Day 1 was over yesterday, and now I'm posting about the very next day. I remembered exactly how long was that day. It felt like forever and I was walking on foot for THE ENTIRE DAY.

Well, I took MRTs for some minutes, but hey. To reach the destination, you still need to walk, walk, and walk. No wonder Singaporeans have beautiful legs. They spend their times by walking, walking, and walking.

Okay back to the topic. At the first night, we stayed in Orchard. However, for the next days we were moving to novena. Oh gosh, the distance between the flat and the MRT station is damn far, and when you were walking after a whole day, you would feel like it was from jakarta to bandung.

On that day, we spent the whole day visiting recreation sites. the first one is Jurong Bird Park.
Here's some shots I got:

1) On the way there, at Boon Lay MRT station. bike to shop, how greeeen.

2) A bird was having lunch. Yummm

3) Flamingo lagoon

4) Unknown kiddo was hungraaay.

After that, we went back to the MRT station, and departing to the next destination: MINT museum of toys! I got the info from my friend adeline, that this museum was incredible. So we decided to go there.

However, it was so difficult to find the location of the museum. We got lost, and we tried to ask to every singaporean we met. Unfortunately, only few people knew where it is. Even a security didn't know where it is. Then we walked through Seah Street, where the museum is supposed to be. Finally we found it! Well, it IS small. and it IS incredible!

Here's some amazing toys I've found there:

1) Batman. 2) The seven dwarfs. 3) TIN TIN 4) Mickey Mouse (early years). 5) Buck Rogers. 6) Ultraman. 7) Michael Lee. 8) The Beatles!

And there are more amazing toys from time to time. totally recommended for toys lovers!

After that, we went to raffles place. merlion park, fullerton hotel, esplanade, and flowing with Singapore river. That's what every tourists does when visiting singapore. Soo common.

Yup, that's the pic.

1) Asian Civilisation Museum. 2) Esplanade, Theatre on the bay. 3) Clarke Quay, one of the busiest place. 4) The Fullerton Hotel, the oldest hotel in Singapore. 5) Merlion Park. 6) Singapore flyer.

Well, people. That's the end of day 2.


I'm so sorry for updating about my summer trip this late. Yeah actually I went on this trip in last June, but I had no time to report about it. So here it goes now!

Last June, my family and I went to Singapore. Believe it or not, it's my first overseas trip, as I had never been out of my beloved country, Indonesia. And believe it or not (Again), Singapore is going to be my residence for the next four years. Fyi, I got a scholarship for studying there for four years.

It started at 25th June, and ended at 30th. On the day before, my parents had just bought me new dslr! So I experimented in Singapore, without finishing reading the manual book. haha. Yet still, I've got some shots. Enjoy!

Day 1

1) A girl and her mum at Soekarno Hatta, busy with her shoelaces, perhaps.
2) They're trash cans, baby. So wonderfully created, aint they?
3) An anonymous man captured while waiting in Changi Airport.
4) Perfect reflection of one of Changi Airport entrance. yikes.
5) Say what. I stayed for a night at Lucky plaza apartment, Orchard. In the opposite of the road, lies Wisma Atria, one of famous and classy shopping center.

Aaaand there goes Day 1.

The next-next day will be posted in a moment. Make sure you stay tuned ;)


I'm a not so good blogger.

I know I'm not a very good blogger, people. Yeah, a good one will update their blog routinely. I update my blog based on my mood. Sheeesh how bad I am.

However, I've got some quite good reasons why I don't update my blog routinely.

First, I have some pretty heavy weeks on my course. Dammit, It tortures me a lot with loads of homework, quizes, and difficult chapters. It feels like hell as I'm not a very good learner. The worst week ever is this week. I've got three effing difficult quizes, lotsa-lotsa-lotsa homework, and yesterday there's a super boring workshop about mind-maping.

The second reason is that my parents don't allow me to use the internet on weekdays. Don't ask me why, for they have their own reason. Some of my pals suggested me to just play, as my parents won't discover it (they're working from morning to at least seven pm). Dang! I can't do that. Maybe my parents won't see it, but my sisters will tell them as soon as they're home!

Well you can't blame my sis. They wanna play as much as I do. That's why they won't let me play, as I won't let them either ;p

And the third is that I become more interested in microblogging sites. Yep, twitter. Have you got one? Then we should follow each other! If you haven't, make one. Trust me, it's fun!

here's my tweeting account egigigi

That was all. I'm so sorry for being a bad-bad-bad blogger. Well, you can't expect too much from a teenager (;

and lastly, I just wanna tell you that recently I design something for IYC-Indonesian Youth Conference. I really really hope they like it. here it is

please comment through my chatbox whether you like it or not. thankies (: