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people call me?

as a human, particularly a teenage girl, i have lotsa lotsa nicknames. okay, i admit that i was exaggerating. not too many of course ;p

let's start from the most common one.

well that's my name, so that's what common people ,especially new friends call me. sometimes they shorten it as reg, regi, re, or they mention it fully regina.

gosh you must be wondering where does this come from! so do i! it's my bestpal's nickname for me, and she keeps calling me "will". i never like it, but she never changes, until there's a guy named william starts to go out with us. so she can't call me wili anymore, and neither can you!

well you must know who calls me by using this nickname. my sissss and some other people younger than me. lol

this one's quite good, but it's rarely -almost never-used. only my guitar coach (it's soo funny! guitar coach lol lol lol) uses this nickname. well it's fine for me ;p

i hate this three.very much. you can call everybody with that words, it's not specific. i suggest you not to use this for calling me ,except for emergency! lol

so what does most people usually call me?

here it is!

this is what close friends, besties, relatives, my family and even some of my teachers call me. frankly, i prefer this A LOT than regina, reg, regi, re or any other nicknames. there was one of my classmate whose name is reggy. ugh it's very confusing! so you'd better call me egi , for our sake ;p


it's been looooong time since my last post. yeah, i've been stucked in thinking what am i gonna write here. now finally, FINALLY i know what to write. i will state all random thoughts in my mind. anything ,as much as possible. leeeet's start!

  1. i wanna watch harry potter! uuugh.
  2. i miss my schoolmates, classmates, are you people? );
  3. i cant stand my first week at course. well i like my new pals--they're fine. but not the lessons! help me pleaseee T_T
  4. i feel like an idiot in that course.uuugh
  5. i love reading ,and the last time i bought books were on last monday hihi
  6. i like ,soooo much.but i hate buying it in SMS for the damned-easily-broken machine and the jerks who work there.
  7. recently i started to like tweeting.though some people say it's useless, i think it's more fun cos it's less complicated. i dont care if nobody replies to my tweets haha ;p
  8. i still have a blog ,people! so what?! haha
  9. i went to singapore last month, and i think that country is soo exagerating in doing everything.,especially in adjusting their time. do you know that singapore is located at the same longitude as west indonesian, so their time is supposed to be SAME like ours. but they insisted to make it one hour earlier. THAT's why they always rush everywhere. dumb!
  10. i cant explain my feeling if you ask me "what it feels like to be a scholar" .so dont ask!
  11. i bought a dslr and i really wanna buy a new lens.
  12. i want to go out with my friends but now it's so damned hard because of the f-ing idiot terrorists!
  13. i really really really envy YOU who can experience mos ospek mabis or-whatever-they-call-it for the orientation period of entering high school. you may call me crazy and stupid but that's what i'm thinking!
  14. i hate facebook oh why it takes sooo long time to just be opened?! CRAP!
  15. i never like michael jackson "very much" ,so i feel nothing when he died. sorry jacko-ers (;
  16. i was thinking of choosing a president who cares about global warming. but unfortunately, i'm not allowed to elect, and there's no candidate who state that they wanna fight global warming *sigh
  17. i wanna learn french and i wanna go to france. huaaa
  18. i also wanna go to italy, japan, USA, new zealand, maldives, thailand, switzerland, spain, canada, and go around the world!
  19. i'm so happy when i get a single comment ,fave ,or even replies in deviantart for i'm just a beginner and i need help in improving my skills (:
  20. i dont have anything more, but i still wanna type more. hahaha

ohooookay. that's it. i'll stop now. HUAAAH.