robert pattinson

notice this guy?

i'm pretty positive that y'all notice that guy is robert thomas pattinson (or to be called rob, edward cullen, cedric diggory, etc etc). well, actually i'm not a fan of his for i hate his messy style (ups no offense)

but not in some cases.

so here is the thing.

before playing on box office movies that make him popular and loved-by-girls, he stated that girls werent really interested on him. here's his statement:

"It's funny, but about a year ago I'd talk to girls and no one would be interested. Really, it's true, and then when it was announced I would be in 'Twilight' and the book's author gave me her seal of approval, everyone seemed to change their mind. The attention I get now is just mind bending."

yeah, y'see, funny how people could change their minds quickly, easily, AND randomly. clearly it's caused by the popularity and the new reputation.

hah. you know what, i personally think that he still keeps the memories of his "dark times" in his mind.

i wonder what will i do if THAT happens to ME?