Hi My Name is Regina & I am HIV+

Yep, what you read on the title is right. I was just diagnosed positive with HIV. and for the 27th anniversary of its discovery was yesterday (yeah i was late for a day), i would like to share something with you.

Having HIV is not like what it was in the past decade. People living with HIV/AIDS itself will understand. People without it are often encased in a stigma of uncertainty.

However, it's not about the human immunodeficiency virus I am talking about here. No, I don't have that so you can breathe again. Think of HIV+ as this:

Health IS Valuable (Positive)

Current HIV/AIDS education has often most likely fallen onto alot of deaf ears. They've tried everything from print ads, tv slots, movies, flyers, and millions and millions of dollars spent on HIV/AIDS Awareness programs. How many percent of respondents actually pay a LITTLE attention? Yet the number of people infected keeps rising and rising by the second.

Come on. Change all your thoughts of getting rid of your virginity. Do NOT ever use the useless thing called drugs. Stop your ignorance. So how's now? Do you feel concerned? Well, you might as well believe that you already have HIV+ (of course, my version of it). So what are you waiting for then? Tell your pals and relatives. Respect all the campaign you heard. Protect yourself. Keep your health coz it is valuable. Together we can change people's thought about HIV/AIDS. If you DARE, put this on your blog or journal or something. Tell the world that you are HIV+. Spread this with me. HEALTH IS VALUABLE (POSITIVE). and I dare you to do the same like what i did, by doing a "Hi, My name is ___ & I'm HIV+" journal.

Come On. You Can do it :)