terribly dizzy

first posting on ENGLISH.

aaaarghh. it's all because of p.e. lesson yesterday. i & my classmates have to run around three different courts ten times in thirty minutes, without stopping even only once. yeaa what a mean teacher we've got here. even though we could bring our bottle with us, it still didnt make any sense.
as the result, for the next period, my legs were terribly limp. then, i started to be dizzy. argh. i became so moody that my friends were quite worried. all were terribly messed up DX
then, till the evening, i got a very serious headache. awww it hurt a lot. i couldnt do anything, and i didnt come with my fam to watch hsm3. *peeep*

next week, it's going to be repeated! beware classmates. . . . . .